The Importance Of Keeping Orca Whales In Captivity

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Since 1961, at least 148 orca whales have been put into captivity. These whales are taken from the wild and put in aquariums and forced to perform for our entertainment. Although some people believe there is nothing wrong with keeping Orca whales in captivity, it is detrimental to their health and it’s inhumane because they are confined in small areas, separated from their families, and they can become aggressive in captivity. ( sorce
People believe that keeping the whales in captivity can be more beneficial than keeping them in the wild. For example, Seaworld claims to help rescue Orca whales in need of care. They claim to assist whales that are in need of rehabilitation in hopes of returning to the ocean. Also keeping Orcas captive gives
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From stress, anxiety, and boredom, often the whales gnaw on the gates and concrete that that trap them. In result, their teeth sometimes break and to fix it, the have painful dental work without lydican or anesthesia. On the other hand there have been four deaths caused by whales in captivity and a total none in the wild. Three out of the four deaths was killed by Tilikum. Two of the three he killed were experienced trainers. Besides the four deaths, there has also been numerous counts aggressive incidents in SeaWorld alone. These creatures are confined in to tight living spaces that are not deep enough and forced to perform tricks and stunts for most of the day all their lives. Sometimes they are forced into these small living areas with other whales that they might not get along with. Image if you were trapped and a small space with someone you dispise. That would most likely cause a fight, right? This is exactly what the orcas. In the wild, this never occurs because the orca is with there own family and if a dispute does occur then the orcas have space to flea. In the aquariums all the anxiety and tension cause the orcas to become physically abusive to one another. For example a orca named Nakai was trying to get away from two aggressive orcas in the same tank as him and injured himself on a sharp metal

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