Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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To Be or Not To Be

Countless animals are dragged away from their natural environments and are forced to live as a subject of observation. In addition, they serve as amusement for the animal capturers, the human race. Over a time span of one hundred years, zoos have been a popular source of entertainment for interested human beings who are curious to learn about the various kinds of animals that the world holds. A certain question has been floating in the air for many years. “Are zoos cruel to wild animals?” The general public leans more on the cons then the pros for this particular subject, to the media, the zoo’s reoccurring mistakes that were the zoo’s fault, and past time stories of disastrous events in zoos.
The battle between the pros
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Zoos may have rotated, a full 360 degrees, from their original focus and goals back when they were first built but it does not mean that zoos are still a positive aspect of society. Animal Activists, every day, fight for the natural rights of animals and become to voice of the captured animals. Humans cannot understand the language of animals for they cannot speak like a human. Animal Activists discovered a wide array of problems with zoos. The first problem with zoos is that animals are used as entertainment for the public. It is known that when people come to the zoo, it isn’t for educational purposes, it is to gawk at the animals. Following up the previous statement about the gawking of animals, supports the second problem with zoos. Animals who are confined in captivity for long period of time, end up with extreme psychological effects caused by stress. The third and final major problem with zoos are the attempts and fails of the reintroduction programs. These programs are created to try to save a certain species from going exist, but although these programs are dangerously expensive. Additionally, it is estimated that out of 146 reintroduction attempts to put a species back in the wild, only 16 attempt were quoted “successful.” These programs only have a slim success rate due to the main reason zoo bred animals cannot adapt to life in the wild because while raised in a zoo, they are given everything. In perspective of the wild, all species live and breathe the words “survival of the fittest”, if you are unable to obtain the basic needs for your survival, you will die off. Unfortunately, this is what happens to most of the attempts released back in the wild. In conclusion, zoos conjure up a very large assortment of benefits and downfalls in society.

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