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  • The Jungle Book Analysis

    the key light is practical. The direction of the light is coming from up towards Mowgli. The shot transition between the last frame and this frame is a cut. While Mowgli and Kaa are staring at each other there is a soundtrack playing in the background. Mowgli is up close to the camera and Kaa is in the background. In the frame you can see parts of Kaa all over. Mowgli is only wearing a red cloth to cover up and now you can see Kaa. The child in the red, Mowgli is staring at Kaa and Kaa is hypnotizing him. This scene takes place in the deep jungle and the time is the around mid-day. Camera distance is medium, camera angle is low tilting up, the camera is mobile, and a little shaky. The lighting appears to be coming from the sky. So that indicates that the lighting is practical lighting and the light is being blocked by the jungle trees so there is only patches of light coming through. The transition between this frame and the last is a cut. In the scene there is a soundtrack playing in the background, the purpose of this soundtrack is to build suspense. Mowgli’s body is now in the middle. The background is the jungle and patches of the sky. Mowgli is wearing only a red cloth to cover up and this is on because there is no clothes in the jungle. Scared and lonely, Mowgli is still just staring at Kaa and Kaa is hypnotizing him. This scene takes place in a jungle and the time is most likely midday. Zooming in the distance of the camera is medium, the angle is eye level, and the…

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  • Effects Of Corruption In Kosovo

    However, the failure why the results are minor lies in the implementation for the reason being weak political support. According to EC, the oversight function that the KAA has in the installation of the anti-corruption strategy should be strengthened policies were being or partially being implemented. Problem definition Corruption in Kosovo has an immense effect on the prosperity of economic growth and equality. The perception of Kosovo’s neighbouring countries in this matter better and…

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  • Examples Of Ingenuousness

    reached the designated spot, to their surprise the excavators only found debris where they possibly had expected something spectacular, in the style of a nicely polished arch of the covenant of solid gold (Indiana Jones had his less fortunate predecessors). So they decided to continue their search in nearby sites, getting rid of all the debris straightaway. Monseigneur Ludwig Kaas, the supervisor responsible for the excavation (who did not trust his four genius archaeologists very much), had the…

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  • How Are The Monkey-People Like Bullies?

    How are the Monkey-People like bullies? There like bullies because of what they say, do, and how the monkeys act. Another name for the Monkey-People is Bander-log. Bander-log is the nickname the author gives the Monkey-People. The Monkey-People took Mowgli because he was useful to them. “Mowgli would be a useful person to keep in the tribe, because he could weave sticks together for protection from the wind” (Kipling, 33). The Monkey-People needed to catch Mowgli because they wanted Mowgli…

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  • Discover Best Practices Using Practice Management Software

    Kaaspro/75Health KAA 01 11-02-2017 Patient Check-in Best Practices Using Practice Management Software Technology is almost everywhere in urgent care facilities. Lab equipment, monitoring devices, X-ray machines—the list of different technology used by clinicians is diverse. Technology involves as well, along with new methods being introduced. Medical Practice Management Software (MPMS) is similar—the use of this health care advancement has grown manifold in the recent times! Discover Best…

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  • Neuroplasticity Case Study

    be applied in many fields such as disease treatment, addiction, and even daily learning. For instance, there is a technique called solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) in which patients are told to think about everything positive, such as their bright future, hopeful aspirations, and possible successes, instead of recalling negative stories. Fortunately, the results show that those patients actually did develop new synaptic connections in their neural network. Neuroplasticity helps them reframe…

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  • Case Study: Cox Auto Auction

    Many trends are initiated through new technology and they posses the the potential to permanently alter the overall industry (Gao, Kaas, Mohr, & Wee, 2016). From fun small ideas, such as a tinder type phone app for choosing your next vehicle, to a fully autonomous car the breadth of new ideas is wide. The future of the automotive industry, or any industry for that matter, can not be predicted with full certainty. Reports indicate that as many as 15 percent of new cars sold in 2030 could be fully…

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  • Estimation Of Annual Average Soil Loss, Based On Parasta, Maharashtra, India

    Ganasri and H. Ramesh (2015) have estimated soil erosion of Nethravathi Basin in Karnataka, by applying RUSLE model using remote sensing. The results showing that the soil erosion rate in agricultural area is about 14,673.5 t/yr. The soil erosion probability zone indicates that the major portion of the watershed comes under low erosion probability zone and small portion comes under very high and high erosion probability zone. Dahe, P. D. and Borate, P. G. (2015) have applied the RUSLE model for…

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  • Mirroring In The Monkey Brain

    and nociception also aids in practical application, such as through informing theories and therapies concerning phantom limbs, a condition in which an individual still senses (often painfully) a limb that is no longer present on a body (Weeks & Tsao, 2010; Ramachandran & Brang, 2009). An observed facial expression of pain activates some same cortical areas that activate when one feels pain herself/himself (Botvinick, Jha, Bylsma, Fabian, Solomon & Prkachin, 2005; Saarela, Hlushchuk, Schurmann,…

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  • Micheal Merzenich Essay

    1971, he became professor in University of California in the department of otolaryngology where he perfects the implantation of cochlear. The cochlea is the microphone that placed inside deaf person ear that amplifies the sound that travels down the auditory nerve into auditory cortex that help a deaf person to hear. Around mid 1960’s, many scientists were against the idea of cochlear implants, but patients came forward to get cochlea implants despite the fact there was some problems and…

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