Examples Of Ingenuousness

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Occidental societies tend to ingenuousness. Nothing strange here, Jesus predicted it two thousand years ago. In this chapter a few examples of well-known ingenuousness are presented in order to get the reader acquainted with the subject. For the Christians among you: although our Lord said that often children of this world are shrewder than those of the Light, He did not say always. We should at least have the courage to open our minds to the possibility of being ingenuous.
Since it is always easiest to recognize defects in other people, let us start out, in this chapter, by discussing the easiest and best-known expressions of ingenuousness. Everybody knows the “mechanism” of how ingenuousness propagates:
(i) Parents like to leave in inheritance to their progeny a good, attractive and just world. They will try to avoid talking to their children about atrocities and injustices, out of fear of hurting them psychologically.
(ii) It is always difficult to admit that the world is much worse than it seems, even more so to the degree that we carry part of the guilt ourselves, by action and
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(…) Inside Peter’s monument is found part of a small building attached to a certain red wall which was the background of the first monument of Peter. In the interior of the building there is a wall filled with graffiti (…) dating before Constantine’s monument (…). The density of graffiti on the wall testifies to the devotion of the faithful. The first monument of St. Peter has a lid on the floor, covering an ancient tomb

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