Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Get A License?

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Licenses are a permit from an authority to own or do a particular thing. Guns, driving, teaching, and alcohol consumption are all things that licenses are needed for. License are given to people so others are aware they show enough responsibility and can handle the tasks these objects and jobs need. While parenting includes another human being and when becoming a parent, you are responsible for everything pertaining to that child, you should not have to request permission or get a license.
Parents are a child’s role models. From an early age children tend to think of their parents as great, mighty human beings. They talk highly of their parents even though they are aware of some of the things they know their parents shouldn’t do. While it is true some
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Parenting is a full time responsibility and it can change people. Parenting is not just a job, people cannot just check in, be a parent, and check out later in the day. Parents become aware that anything can happen during the day and they are always worried about one thing; their kid. Although this is not the case for all parents like in the Glass Castle. “Dad had taken to disappearing for days at a time. When I asked him where he’d been, his explanations were either so vague or so improbable that I stopped asking” (Walls 107). Rex, Jeannette’s father, regularly would leave the house for days, and never checked in to see how his kids were doing. He is known as a bad parent not because of the things he chose to do but because of the way he chose to do them. If he would have made sure his kids were being taken care of and not just leave them, he might not have been so bad. While this is the case for Jeannette Walls, most other parents would like to know about their kids, and are fully aware what they are doing. Whether or not someone had a bad past life or not, things can change for the best, kids can change

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