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  • Homestead Lockout And Strike Analysis

    The Homestead lockout and strike of 1892 had a big impact on the labor movement of the late 19th century. The misapplication of Darwinian thought is used to explain the misuse of free market techniques. Based on the lecture given in class, Social Darwinism was developed by British philosopher Herbert Spencer who applied Charles Darwin’s theory of biological evolution to society. It is described as a process that came as a result of competition where the strong succeeded and the weak died. Social Darwinism insisted that neither government nor human intervention should be used in order to help the poor. In order to advance humanity, the unfit should be allowed to die off. This was viewed as a natural progression, and government intervention was not and could not be tolerated to stop a natural state of affairs. In this setting, the desire for economic wealth and social success led to misusing both Laissez-Faire philosophies, which stress the fair use of market principles, and…

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  • Homestead Strike Thesis

    The Homestead Strike of July 1892 the American Federation of Labor of Iron and Steelworkers had refused to take the pay cuts and went on strike in Homestead, Pennsylvania. In return the president of the Carnegie Steel Company Henry C. Frick decided to close the plant and hired three hundred guards from the Pinkerton Detective Agency to protect the factory. After five long months the strikers of Homestead gave in and returned back to work. The Homestead Strike of July 1892 was an important event…

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  • Homesteading In Montana

    Homesteading in Montana became a way of life in 1862, several citizens from all around fled to Montana to claim land and began farming and ranching. Although this might sound easy there were many stipulations and processes in order to make homesteading possible. From families, wives, operations and much more led into the boom. “The ready available of free or inexpensive land and the new methods of dry farming made the Montana homestead boom possible” (Malone, Roeder and Lang 238). “Three…

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  • Homestead Act Research Paper

    After the end of the American Civil War, the three reforms, consisting of the Homestead Act; Pacific Railway Act; and the Land-Grant Act, began to take affect strongly throughout the nation. Along with these acts came with the Industrial Revolution that took root throughout the nation, propelling the U.S. to the world stage with Great Britain, France, and the North German Confederation. With this rapid development in technology came the demand for cheap labor to operate it, and impoverished…

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  • Homestead Act In The Late 1800s

    The Homestead Act, which became law in May of 1862, allowed any American citizen to clam 160 acres of land for free. This act opened up the opportunity for families to move west and begin settlement of Western territories. It may seem simple, but this Act made it very easy for people to move west, and quickened the settlement of the Western United States. Before the Civil War, similar acts to the Homestead Act were proposed in the government multiple times, but never passed. Oftentimes, the…

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  • Homestead Farming Case Study

    Homestead farming refers to the crop production in small holdings adjacent to the human settlement; it is the oldest and most enduring form of cultivation. As these small farming units mostly depend on family labour they are also called as family farming system (Ninez, 1987). The food basket of any country is served by these small family farming units. For example, in India, the small and marginal farmers constitute 84.97 percent operating in an area of 44.31 percent (Govt. of India, 2012). The…

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  • Far West Disadvantages

    example, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1883 banned Chinese immigration and made it very hard for the Chinese that were already in the U.S. to become citizens. The White Americans were afraid the Chinese workers would undersell their wages and therefore undercut labor unions. The Chinese immigrants began to experience the struggle to advance economically in the face of discrimination and racism. By the 1860’s, violence and hatred towards the Chinese expanded into other places of the West. Lastly,…

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  • Farming In Willa Cather's O Pioneers

    Willa Cather entwines the historical dimension of the Homestead Act throughout her novel O Pioneers. Alexandra Bergson and her family must overcome many obstacles to accomplish successful farming in the Middle West. Cather uses the main character, Alexandra, to portray the great feat taken in order to continually learn how to cultivate the rugged land and make it into flourishing farmland. Alexandra followed her father’s wishes in taking care of the farm— a task that was uncertain to be…

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  • Laissez Faire And Social Darwinism

    On the contrary, management believed they had the power to short these rights because it was their business. They were continuing to make money and it was viewed as success to the owners. To reinforce the ideology of laissez faire, the prosperous will succeed while the incapable plummet, which is exactly what was happening. The Homestead Lockout and Strike occurred during America’s transition into an industrial society. The outcome of this strike affected working conditions greatly over the…

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  • Business Relationship Between Andrew Carnegie And Henry Clay Frick

    install barbed wire fences around the mill. This possibly increased tensions on their end. “Port holes with ugly mouths grimly look out upon the peaceful valley from the mill, fort, barricade, stockade, or whatever the Carnegie plant at Homestead could be called to-day, and silently bear witness that they are there, not for the peaceful purposes of steel manufacture, but for struggle and fight” (Standford, 2005).Although Carnegie denies any knowledge of the exact action that Frick was going to…

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