Agricultural economics

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  • Agriculture Personal Statement

    I chose to major in agricultural and consumer economics with a concentration in agribusiness markets and management because of my family’s connection to agriculture. My father is a farmer and owns his own agriculture based business. My father’s business has inspired me to work in the agriculture industry and I would like to pursue a degree directly relate to that field. One goal I have for my future is to work in my father’s company and eventually, I would like to become CEO. My experiences working summers in his company have given me more of a desire to remain in this field. This experience has exposed me to both the company and the business world in general and I find it to be very interesting and satisfying. It has also gotten me excited…

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  • Homestead Farming Case Study

    percent operating in an area of 44.31 percent (Govt. of India, 2012). The scenario is replicated elsewhere also as the share of family farming in the total agricultural production is 40 per cent from 25 per cent of the farmland in Brazil, and 84 per cent from 47.4 per cent farmland in Fiji. Further, census data from ninety…

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  • Environmental Changes In China

    Farmers are laborers who work by planting crops or raising livestock for a living. They may own fields in which they sow or may be a laborer on fields owned by a farm owner. In China, these farmers contribute a lot to the economy of the country. Most of these farmers are a part of the masses, people who may be poor or people who only have enough resources for themselves. The development of farming throughout the years in China has helped the country to grow into what it is today. China faces…

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  • The Importance Of Agricultural Growth

    Agricultural growth must be underpinned by a reliable and efficient financial system capable of making compatibility between the expansion or adequacy of credit flow and both the investment and working capital needs of the agricultural sector. The financial sector reforms of 1991 had created a basic fear that this would lead to the dilution of the directed credit policy or priority sector lending by the commercial banks and the deregulation of interest rates which consequently reduced the flow…

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  • Farmstar Case Study Case

    INTRODUCTION The information which can be found in the case study refer to the tale of a corporate entrepreneurship which manages to bring SVI (sustainable value innovation) to the agricultural business. The case informs the reader about the history of EADS-Astrium, which is a subsidiary of Infoterra and the surfacing of their new service, named Farmstar. This new product-service helps farmers manage their fields in an optimal way, thus reducing costs and negative influence on the environment,…

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  • Vertical Farm Problem

    The practice of agriculture is becoming a serious problem, especially considering with the world’s population estimated to increase from 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion (, 2013). There is already not enough food that can be distributed to sustain the already 7.2 billion people existing on this planet. The source of the solution lies in the hands of the growers of our food and the agricultural industry. The industry is stuck in very traditional ways that have vast room for improvement in yield…

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  • Taking A Look At Vertical Farming

    In other parts of the world, many places have shifted from agriculture to resorts for tourist and wedding venues. More than one million hectares per year are converted from agriculture and other ‘rural ' land uses to development and most are occupied by middle and upper-class residents (McCarthy, 2008). McCarthy focuses and stresses mainly on how people are moving to rural areas for the amenities rather than for its agricultural use like it was originally. If vertical farming were to go from…

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  • Kalvarayan Hills Case Study

    Distribution for Agricultural Producers of the Respondents The produces in tribal area can be channelized directly to wholesalers or through commission agents or to farmer markets. The channel of distribution for the producers of the tribes in Kalvarayan Hills is presented in the ensuing Table. Table No. 4.26 Channel of Distribution for Agricultural Produces of the Respondents S.No Source of marketed products No. of the Respondents Percentage (%) 1. Directly to whole sealers 57 19.0 2. Through…

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  • Vertical Farming Challenges

    inventions along the way that made it accessible for many agricultural producers’ farmers in particular to become productive in the production of commodities. Furthermore, fast forward to the 21rst century where the shortage of food is an everyday topic of the talk and the options to resolving the ongoing concern seems to be over look continuously. However, the establishment of vertical farming breaking the surface through Dickson Depmmoniar, who proposed this thought to reality. Through…

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  • Importance Of Written Language Essay

    Abstract As news reports and media covers become more regular, the significance of the written language often becomes neglected. Therefore it is important to emphasize the significance of the written language and how this is a means of power. By going back in history, the agricultural communities show that the necessity of a means of power to be able to build a functional and abiding society constituted the result of the written language. Confirmation of its various usability makes a clear…

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