Vertical Farming Challenges

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Our biggest advancement for our modern farmers of today is the access to extreme advanced technology that is accessible to them to serve as a means to complete farming quicker and more efficiently. However, though this may be true, our modern farmers are currently under intense pressure with the shortage of food that is pushing them to edge in purchasing the newest form of advanced farming technology available and in return is placing these farmers into heavy debt. Comparatively, to make matters worse the future of modern farmers is soon to change in extreme ways (Tal, 2015). Aside to this, there are three paths optionally that they could consider. Likewise, possibly pursue in order to see another tomorrow of our nation. The first being, farmers …show more content…
However, those that do will still be getting a source of income from the selling their farm to investment farms or even large scale operation farms. Furthermore, this option is classified as the most common in regards to family farms posing a threat by the year of 2040 (Tal, 2015). The challenges associated with the introduction of vertical farming becomes of future of production lifeline a big challenge that is currently overviewed is the technology use of artificial lighting and the high cost associated with it.
Another challenge that the future of vertical farming would bring is that cultivating such crops as wheat, corn, and rice would be as easy as the production of other fruits and vegetable that have been a success through vertical farming. Therefore the chances of this type of urban produce being grown in indoor farming environments would result in a significant rise in the cost than that being grown on farms. Also, the use of this type of non-natural lighting that is being used by vertical farms across the nation is using more energy than expected, but at the same
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Furthermore, fast forward to the 21rst century where the shortage of food is an everyday topic of the talk and the options to resolving the ongoing concern seems to be over look continuously. However, the establishment of vertical farming breaking the surface through Dickson Depmmoniar, who proposed this thought to reality. Through vertical farming there has been inhabited opposing sides with those who have thought differently and hold their opinions firmly.
Regardless, if this idea of a new kind of future farming becomes the future or not there will always be a riot over whether traditional farming is more efficient not only for consumers, but specifically for farmers. Also, which method of farm production is looked upon as more beneficial to our food supply

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