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  • Why Is Andrew Carnegie A Hero

    Andrew Carnegie is a hero because he helped the community a lot. Although he didn’t treat his workers as good as possible, he donated back to the community a lot and produced a lot of steel to better the world. In the year of 1889 Andrew Carnegie owned Carnegie Steel Corporation, the largest of its kind in the world. Instead of buying iron he bought the iron mines. Instead of paying someone to ship the iron to his factory, he bought the boat. Andrew reduced the cost of steel which was a big part in helping make buildings and other things that needed steel to make. People are asking, was he a hero? Carnegie was a hero, because he helped develop america into what it is today. In document 5 it explains and shows how Carnegie controlled nearly all of the Mesabi Iron ore fields, which would be cheaper for him instead of buying iron from other iron fields to supply his company. Some people view this as a bad thing, but after he had bought out these fields he had reduced the price of steel for construction companies. I look at this in a good way, because it has helped us make america into what it is today.…

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  • Business Relationship Between Andrew Carnegie And Henry Clay Frick

    Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. They both exhibited extreme business practices that tied them together, but also tore them apart. Their mindset for business expansion and longevity are the theories that modern day companies can thrive to achieve. “N one was more important to the “Iron City” than Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, whose operations in the city had more than quadrupled their output in the previous decade and were now producing more than a million tons of steel each…

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  • Analysis Of The Gospel Of Wealth By Andrew Carnegie

    The Gospel of Wealth was written by Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest and most successful industrialists of his time. Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland, and after Industrialism swept his town, his parents were out of work, causing Carnegie’s family to immigrate to the United States. He taught himself how to read at libraries. He then gradually worked his way up through the steel industry to become one of the most successful businessmen and philanthropists of his time. Carnegie…

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  • Why Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero

    Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant who became successful in the steel industry during the Gilded Age, which were the 1870’s-1900’s. He worked as a messenger until Thomas Scott, the superintendent of Pennsylvania Railroad, saw potential in Carnegie and became his mentor. His mentor later assigned Carnegie the job to build a bridge across the Mississippi. This resulted in Carnegie investing in the steel industry, since he thought it’d be the strongest material to build the longest bridge in…

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  • Why Andrew Carnegie Went Wrong

    was Andrew Carnegie, a true “entrepreneur.” Andrew Carnegie was born and raised in the country of Scotland. He later made his way to America, started many companies, and became very wealthy. One company that made him extremely wealthy, but turned his reputation for the worst was the United States Steel Corporation. Carnegie had built this company from the bottom up. He was not only financially invested, but emotionally. He wanted to be the largest steel industry in the world. Carnegie…

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  • The Hero Of Andrew Carnegie: A Hero

    but they are not shown the whole picture. A great example of this type of “hero” is a man named Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was born in 1835 to a poor family in Dunfermline, Scotland. Because…

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  • The Impact Of Andrew Carnegie On American Society

    determination was the rags to riches story of the Scottish-American immigrant that completely transformed America’s society and economy. Andrew Carnegie, the Titan of the Steel Industry, had considerable impacts on American society in the late nineteenth century. He contributed…

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  • What Is The Similarities Between Andrew Carnegie And Bill Gates

    There are many people in this world that aspire for riches and power, but very few ever attain this sweet dream. This dream happened to be achieved by two men who got to that level of success by doing what they love, and making sure they were the best at it. Considering how both Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates are derived from different beginnings. They both embraced life’s challenges and made the decisions necessary to, one, become the wealthy men they desired to be, and two, not forget about…

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  • Andrew Carnegie's Contribution To America

    Triumphantly surpassing a poor childhood, Andrew Carnegie became the richest man in knowledge and wealth. Along with his fame came infinite philanthropy and his charitable heart kept giving. Carnegie no longer lives, but his impact on the United States of America in terms of how he changed average lives, as well as the mark he left in the world will forever reign. In light of the fact that walking past him in early years, a person would think that Carnegie was just a simple, poor Irish boy,…

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  • Homestead Lockout And Strike Analysis

    Andrew Carnegie decreased production costs, and induced steel production by eliminating the union. Frick demanded pay cuts for skilled workers without the intention to negotiate or recognize the union, provoking strikes among laborers. However, steelworkers rejected the terms of the new contract and Frick locked the workers out of mill and only authorized non-union personnel to work. They reduced jobs, blacklisted union leaders, reintroduced twelve hour workdays, and cut wages for unskilled…

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