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  • Criteria For A Well Established Colony In The Early 1600s

    The Carolinas would have been a good choice for multiple reasons one of which colonist were given headrights by the government for moving to Carolina. A headright means they were given land for settling in the area with this land would make it easier to start a farm or plantation in order to become prosperous. The Carolinas’ land was very fertile and good for growing crops and there was also a harbor making trading an easier task. The land was especially fertile in South Carolina so I would have preferred to make a home in that area in order to have better land for crops. Another valuable aspect of The Carolinas was its religious freedom and constitution for its people. Looking at the lifestyle in Carolina on the whole it was superior to many of the other…

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  • John Lawson Essay

    John Lawson was an English explorer and writer credited for playing an important role in exploring North and South Carolina. He wrote “they are really better to us, than we are to them; they always give us Victuals at their Quarters, and take care we are arm’d against Hunger and Thirst: We do not so by them (generally speaking) but let them walk by our Doors Hungry” as he spoke about the Tuscarora tribe. The Tuscarora were a Native American tribe who lived in present day North Carolina.Their…

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  • North Carolina Oppression

    Oppression is common throughout history; resistance is common, also. North Carolina finds its place in the American narrative both as a British colony and later as a state, but it has its own individuality in how that transition was made. While many fellow colonists viewed the inhabitants of North Carolina as backwards or simple, this did not impede the development of a culture that was slowly becoming more diverse and growing as immigration drastically raised the population over the course of…

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  • Importance Of Attending College At Clemson University

    Many university presidents either worked in a specific industry for many years prior to becoming a president, or climbed the educational ladder to get there. I had to figure out what would put me on a path to that type of leadership position and I thought about healthcare. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in our country and there will always be a need for doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators because there will always be a need for there services. My dream as a little girl…

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  • Case Study: The Carolina Mudcats

    The Carolina Mudcats are a minor league baseball team that was founded in 1991. They were once called the Columbus Mudcats that was a part of the Southern League before they then moved to North Carolina. They first started playing at Fleming Stadium in Wilson, NC before moving to Five County Stadium in Zebulon, NC. When they were the Columbus Mudcats they were affiliates of the Houston Astros. That all changed once they moved to North Carolina and became the Carolina Mudcats then the Pittsburgh…

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  • Carolina Hurricanes Research Paper

    What Makes a Player Perform: Does Attendance Affect Performance? The Carolina Hurricanes is North Carolina’s premier hockey team having won the Stanley Cup in 2006. This victory means the Hurricanes are the only pro sports team in North Carolina who has won a major championship. Lately, however, attendance has been down and the Hurricanes have not experienced the same level of success as years past. This lack of success has fueled relocation rumors and while relocating could help, it is not…

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  • The Importance Of The Hunt Cabin

    Incredible growth and development was cultivated from a monumental storm event during the summer of 2013. The first 11 days of July 2013 recorded 20 inches of rain. During the following two days, July 12 and 13, an additional eight inches of rain fell but in a very short period of time. This amount of rain within such a short period of time resulted in a flood of unprecedented proportions for the South Carolina Botanical Garden. The devastation that occurred to the plants, animals, and…

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  • Decline Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

    behavior for various reasons, which might include coming from a lower economic status and having developmental and behavioral issues. These extrafamilial and individual risk factors are taken into account as the reasons for juvenile delinquency or criminal behavior late in life. Therefore, if taxpayers are funding the criminal justice in relation to teen pregnancy, this conclusion may be a possibility a legitimate concern. In 2010, taxpayers paid approximately 9.4 billion dollars to fund these…

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  • Summary: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret?

    What my research aims to examine is whether or not Western North Carolina is abiding by sustainable measures in order to keep a well-kept environment by following the correct procedures of animal agriculture and whether or not this information is readily available for public access. The term animal agriculture is also known as “factory farming” and “animal husbandry”, meaning “a branch of agriculture concerned with the production and care of domestic animals” (Merriam-Webster). The animal…

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  • State And Federal Governments: State Vs. State

    Nullification first took place in South Carolina when the state stood against the tariff of 1828.If nullification took action it would of affected the whole Union. The state went far enough to threaten the Union when secession. The Federal government action against nullification was with an army which was sent to South Carolina. Nullification was created to go against the growth of the Federal governments powers. The Federal government has the ability on determining the extent of its own powers,…

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