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  • Female Objectification In Stephen King's Carrie

    using the ‘male gaze’ and punishing women for any kind of sexuality. Brian de Palma’s 1976 film adaption of Stephen King’s novel Carrie is no different. Although marketed to young women, Carrie is fraught with female objectification and fetishization with an overall lack of progressive female characters. It would seem having a female protagonist as…

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  • Analysis Of Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

    Having won the popular TV superstar singing competition, American Idol, country singer Carrie Underwood has cemented a place in the American music industry as one of the most empowering, feminine, as well as influential women with a multitude of chart-topping songs over the past decade (Paisley, 2014). “Before He Cheats,” is one of her most famous tracks, and promotes messages weaves emotions that resonate with many cheated-on individuals. As a result, “Before He Cheats” reached eighth place on…

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  • Carrie Chapman Catt Analysis

    The article, ”Middle-Of-The-Road Activists Carrie Chapman Catt and the National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War” , written by Linda Schott seeks to address the attempts of Carrie Chapman Catt and her role in women’s suffrage and the peace movement. The analysis of the life of Chapman Catt was very interesting in showing the strong and the low points of her crusade for women’s suffrage and her attempts at the peace movement. It is clear by the article that the author neither was for or…

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  • Women In Horror Films

    dichotomy of the virgin vs. sex kitten, innocent vs. deviant, pure vs. impure female image and the religious undertones that drive this binary. This film does, however, stray from what feminist theorists have called the “male antagonist,” as Carrie acts as both the antagonist and protagonist in this film. On the contrary, Carrie does fit the virgin profile while other females in the film fit the sex kitten profile. In order to better understand the reflective theory in the context of this film,…

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  • Carrie Wilkerson

    Money makes the world go round. It is human nature to strive toward financial hierarchy and collect the largest amount of values possible. Those who have a true grasp of what it takes to earn vast economic wealth, understand that the only way to succeed is through hard work and dedication. As best-selling author Carrie Wilkerson once said, “The more you’re not taking action, the more money you’re losing”. Carrie Wilkerson is conveying the message that the only way to succeed by being…

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  • Carrie Film Analysis

    changes in the representation of women in the ‘horror’ genre over a 30 year period; through consideration of the film Carrie (De Palma, 1976) and its remake Carrie (Peirce, 2013). The two ‘Carrie’ films will be a useful guide to show the genre's treatment of women, character agency and victimization. Although the story of Carrie is an unusual basis for the presentation of the treating of teenagers as moral agents as it is camouflaged with death and destruction, it does show a confused and…

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  • Carrie And Heathers Essay

    Both Carrie and Heathers represent the struggle of a teenager to fit into the popular group while in high school. Although the two leading popular characters from both wish to put an end to the bullying and get out of their clique, they way they accomplish their goals is very different. Carrie tells the story of how a popular girl attempts to end bullying by using her boyfriend to help a socially awkward outcast become normal for a day. Carrie, the outcast, has been a victim of her mother’s…

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  • Personal Essay: What Makes Up My Culture?

    have learned that in order to be successful and to be the best you can be, you need to take time to be become these qualities. It is important that we are patient and understanding with others especially as healthcare providers. A quote that represents my culture: One quote I live by daily is “ Dance as though no one’s watching, Love as though you’ve never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you and Live as though its heaven on earth.” I believe this quote is important because I…

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  • Carrie The Musical Analysis

    The Macquarie Musical Society (MacMS) is celebrating its 12th year of operation and is hosting a variety of musicals; one of the most exciting is “Carrie: The Musical” which is based on Stephen Kings novel of the same name. The musical tells the story of social outcast Carrie, and a series of events that lead up to her prom night whilst battling to keep her newfound telekenis powers secret. Fighting the musical stereotype of light heartedness and humour, Ms Shannon Browne, a chorus member for…

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  • Almay Cosmetics Paper

    Almay has been effective as setting itself apart by providing special need cosmetics and has high standards on manufacturing guidelines (Almay Introductions, n.d.). Almay even chooses its brand ambassador who braces the company core values. Carrie Underwood was chosen earlier this year as she believes, as Almay’s does, that makeup should be easy for women to feel their most beautiful (Revlon, n.d.). The company had reportedly chosen Selena Gomez but after it was reported Gomez was in rehab…

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