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  • A Few Good Men Fight Scene Analysis

    The movie scene opens with a close-up shot focusing on the bold words March 9th, 1852 “Gold Coin Fifty Day Robbing Spree”, the camera slowly zooms out, having the picture focus perfectly on a gentleman’s frown. Reaching for his freshly poured water the man crumbles the newspaper fast out of frustration. Detective Henry Goober hasn’t received much sleep since the day he almost caught Gold Coin. The camera cuts to the train moving fast in motion with scenery of mountains off in the distance. The diegetic sound of rain hitting the window increases in volume with the reflection of Henry looking outside showing his despair and regret of that day. Henry’s eyes slowly close and the memories of that day replay. As Henry’s memory appears on screen Henry, captured in a long shot, slowly sips his whiskey poured by the bartender as he reaches his hands into the peanuts provided on the counter. Two gentlemen, who appear to work on farms by their outfit of overalls, begin conversing about their same love interest about a lady of the night, Rose. Henry shoots both a dirty glance and grabs his drink relocating to the other side of the bar. Feeling tired from the day of work, Henry decides to end his tab and head home for the evening. With a shot-reverse-shot Henry waves and quietly says a goodbye to the bartender and heads for the tavern doors. Upon walking out of the doors, he is rudely slammed into by a woman. In a wide screen view the two are standing cold in the winter wind looking at…

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  • Dark Shadows Scene Analysis

    In the final scene of Dark Shadows Barnabas returns to his home just as Angie and an angry mob of people arrive. Angie is there to arrest the family for harbouring a murder. Barnabas makes an offer of himself and Liz to be arrested if there is no harm to come upon his family. As he does this Tim Burton uses a centred close up camera shot of Carolyn closing their house doors building the tension of the audience as if there was going to be a war between the family and Angie, knowing that she…

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  • Caroline Or Change Play Analysis

    In Caroline, Or Change by Tony Kushner, Kushner tells the story of a black woman named Caroline, who is a domestic worker living in New Orleans. Caroline works for the Gallman's, and in the house, she befriends Noah, a young boy who recently lost his mother to cancer. The play focuses on two aspects of change: pocket change and the literal idea of change. In an attempt to get Noah to stop leaving pocket change in his clothes, Noah’s new stepmother, Rose, allows Caroline to keep any of the change…

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  • The Poem: Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

    Your Fundamental Power. Reflecting on it there were a few reasons why it was so hard to get through, but I finally finished it as I waited for my husband 's flight to arrive last night. The course was created by Caroline Myss. Apparently she has expertise in many different fields, including energy medicine, human consciousness, and mysticism. I had to look up the word mysticism, because, during the course, you hear her say 'That 's nonsense ' quite often, and the way I defined mysticism seemed…

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  • The Face On The Milk Carton Analysis

    Janie Johnson, a casual, curious, and confident teenage girl, gets a quite unexpected turn during her freshman year in high school when she sees herself in a “kidnapped at a young age” ad. In this novel, Janie must decide if she should believe or even act upon this ad. This draws readers in because many young adults face hard situations daily, and struggle to do the right thing. The Face on the Milk Carton is challenged due to its sexual content and challenge of authority, according to…

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  • Byron's Heaven And Hell Analysis

    Byron’s Heaven and Hell William Blake was ahead of his time, not just with his writings, which impacted the writers and cultures that came after, but his lifestyle and mentality pushed the envelope for the human thought process. His writings contemplated the morality of man, leaving such a mental mark on the reader, as they are left to see Blake’s world blend into theirs after reading. These bold ideas that stemmed from Blake’s psyche, were that which outlined Lord Byron’s own view with the…

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