Carrie Chapman Catt

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  • Carrie Chapman Catt Analysis

    The article, ”Middle-Of-The-Road Activists Carrie Chapman Catt and the National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War” , written by Linda Schott seeks to address the attempts of Carrie Chapman Catt and her role in women’s suffrage and the peace movement. The analysis of the life of Chapman Catt was very interesting in showing the strong and the low points of her crusade for women’s suffrage and her attempts at the peace movement. It is clear by the article that the author neither was for or did she completely agree with Catt’s efforts and attempts with the peace movement. The author starts the article by saying that Carrie Chapman Catt is and was on of the best known leaders of the successful campaign for women’s suffrage, but also devoted…

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  • Carrie Chapman Catt Rhetorical Analysis

    Suffrage Association. As president of the group, Carrie Chapman Catt actively campaigned for the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. In the winter of 1917, she addressed the Congress about the proposed suffrage amendment ( To urge the arrogant politicians to pass the women’s suffrage amendment to the Constitution, Catt not only induces fear and culpability, but the language she employs more importantly establishes herself as a credible individual…

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  • Carrie Chapman Catt: The Women's Rights Movement

    and letters that were directed to the congress. One of the main speeches that played a key role in creating the 19th amendment was written by a woman named Carrie Chapman Catt. Carrie Chapman Catt was born on January 9, 1859 in Ripon, Wisconsin and was a dedicated worker. When it was time for her to either go to college or go to work her father told her he was not going to pay for her college tuition, yet with her hard work as a teacher she saved enough money to go to Iowa State College. When…

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  • Women In Horror Films

    dichotomy of the virgin vs. sex kitten, innocent vs. deviant, pure vs. impure female image and the religious undertones that drive this binary. This film does, however, stray from what feminist theorists have called the “male antagonist,” as Carrie acts as both the antagonist and protagonist in this film. On the contrary, Carrie does fit the virgin profile while other females in the film fit the sex kitten profile. In order to better understand the reflective theory in the context of this film,…

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  • Female Objectification In Stephen King's Carrie

    using the ‘male gaze’ and punishing women for any kind of sexuality. Brian de Palma’s 1976 film adaption of Stephen King’s novel Carrie is no different. Although marketed to young women, Carrie is fraught with female objectification and fetishization with an overall lack of progressive female characters. It would seem having a female protagonist as…

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  • Carrie To Fall Like Carrie: A Literary Analysis

    of the lavish stores, hotels, and houses lead Carrie to fall…

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  • Personal Narrative: Frozen In Time

    CHAPTER SIX Frozen in Time The next day was hot, so I dashed outside and ambled off down a shady, well worn path that dipped low and circled around the creek which had been dammed up to form a small swimming hole. I climbed up onto a small overhanging dock stretched out my arms, and dove deep into the cool water. I amused myself for a while and treaded water, swam laps, and bobbed around. Then, in the afternoon I marched off on sopping wet, slippery sandals back to the house and ate two peanut…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Day In The Close

    The Day in the Close I stare at the four pucks below me resting innocently on the plexiglass. Feeling the bottom-heavy stick in my hands through the old rough gloves I’m wearing. Rylan watches expectantly. I breathe in. He’s been trying too but it’s all on me now, four shots. I breathe out. It was anything but your average Monday. The last day of school had been last Wednesday and I was enjoying the fact that I didn’t have anything to do. I take my time waking up enjoying the feelings of…

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  • Introduction of Prohibition Essay

    Introduction of Prohibition Prohibition was introduced to all American states apart from Maryland in 1920. Prohibition was the banning of alcohol; you could be arrested for sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol. There were many factors that influenced the introduction of prohibition, One of the main factors was the temperance movements two examples of this were the anti-saloon league and Women’s Christian temperance movement. The temperance movements…

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  • Personal Essay: What Makes Up My Culture?

    have learned that in order to be successful and to be the best you can be, you need to take time to be become these qualities. It is important that we are patient and understanding with others especially as healthcare providers. A quote that represents my culture: One quote I live by daily is “ Dance as though no one’s watching, Love as though you’ve never been hurt, Sing as though no one can hear you and Live as though its heaven on earth.” I believe this quote is important because I…

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