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  • Argumentative Essay Racism

    Although the show was made in the 1970s, reruns are occasionally still aired on cable TV, and many episodes are available to view for free on YouTube. The situations the characters found themselves in are still relevant today, over 40 years later. The main character of the show is Archie Bunker (played by Carroll O 'Connor). Archie is a white man in his 50s who is struggling to accept the changes taking place in the world around him. He is portrayed as a racist and bigoted man. While that may be true some of the time, he is just reacting to events as those around him had for many years, even though the world was changing rapidly during this time in history. The fictional characters and situations in All in the Family were meant to portray real-world people and situations taking place in the 1970s. Archie Bunker was meant to represent the common, middle-age white American male during that era. Many of these men were indeed racist, but were not bad people. They did not have ill-will toward different groups of people, they were just taught and…

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  • Autobiography: Love Your Rabbit

    Autobiography: Love Your Rabbit Heneghan, Judith. Love Your Rabbit. London: Wayland, 2013. Print. Judith Heneghan is an expert on rabbits. I learned so much from her amazing book. She owns two rabbits named Jack and Jill. She provides many things for these animals including different virides of food (hay , pellets bananas, apples, E.T.C) and different bedding to change things up a bit. She also likes to put her bunny outside because she believes that bunnies should get as much of the…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Analysis

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an 1865 novel written by Lewis Carroll which tells the story of Alice, a girl who goes on an adventure in Wonderland in a dream. The novel, usually shortened to Alice in Wonderland, falls into the fantasy genre. The novel main setting is in the fantasy world, where Alice finds herself inside a rabbit hole and Wonderland. The setting in the beginning and the ending of the story, however, is in the river bank. Carroll divided the book into twelve chapters, each…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Symbolism Essay

    “Curiouser and curiouser!” is the exclamation Alice cries out as she witnesses the absurdities of Wonderland, a magical and frightening, dream world (Carroll 8). It is a statement all readers can certainly agree with as Alice makes her way through a plethora of different, but equally disturbing settings. Her journey begins simply enough at the bank of a river with her sister, when out of the blue, a white, clothed, talking* rabbit hops past her. Alice hastily follows it right into an…

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  • Growth Changes In Alice In Wonderland

    an adult throughout the book . Alice is troubled with these issues of suddenly acting like an adult and growing up . The Rapid Change of Growth Alice encounters many growth changes through the book. The first change she goes through is in the first chapter when she sees the bottle that has a label that says drink me on it . Alice checks the bottle before drinking it to make sure it’s not marked as poison (Carroll l865 pg 9). She eats and drinks things to try to control her height,…

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  • Essay On Alice In Wonderland

    The different ideas of what Alice should be are interesting to see because we can see the differences in culture being reflected upon her. Comparing the “original” Alice and what other authors, artist, etc. believe Alice should be is interesting because it shows how people’s different values can change one specific character in a novel. Alice may be one character from one specific book, but with all of the different versions of Alice in Wonderland it is safe to say that there is more than one…

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  • Analysis Of Through The Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass, published in 1971, is a work of children’s fiction by Lewis Carroll. It is the famous sequel to Carroll’s first novel Alice in Wonderland, although it has no reference to its events. Generally referred to as ‘‘nonsense literature’’, it is a story full of humour, riddles and rhymes, all throughout while acting as a satire on the people in Carroll’s life at the time. Unlike general children’s novels that are written to instruct and educate, Carroll’s writings could only…

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  • The Maturation Of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

    enraptures not only the minds of children, but adults as well; however, this novel is copiously filled with lessons and various interpretations such as the maturation Alice experiences. Although Alice began her journey in Wonderland at quite a young age, one can see how the peculiar interactions she encounters symbolize her metamorphosis from a child who follows strict rules to a bold, independent young woman. After passing the obstacle of being timid, Alice is able to exit the Wonderland she…

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  • Cheese In The Maze Character Analysis

    There are four characters in the story. Each of these characters represents a part of us. :- Hem and Haw – Little people Sniff and Scurry – mice Sniff: Good and always sniffs out changes early before others are aware of it. Scurry: search what is needed and takes actions immediately. Hem: tries to deny and resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse. Haw: Always learns to adapt in time when he sees change can lead to something better. All four characters in the story search for…

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  • Summary Of Jenius The Amazing Guinea Pig

    The book that I have chosen is called Jenius The Amazing guinea Pig by Dick King-Smith and illustrated by Brain Floca. This book is a chapter book with seven chapters, but even though it is a chapter book it has pictures along with it. This book is a very funny book about a little girl and her guinea pig. This little girl named Judy had two guinea pigs and one day they had one little baby. She had told her class she could train a guinea pig and she was made fun of so she thought this was the…

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