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  • Example Of Ethnography Essay

    expressing her emotional connection to the nuchu as western would express their own emotion connection to say a da Vinci panting. Each nuchu carving is unique and produced to have the family feel as this woman above felt, protected. Furthermore, nuchukana aid shamans in curing and diagnostic rituals and can protect a household from mischievous spirits. These nuchu are formless in spirtit and can only speak to a shaman or none shamens through thier dreams. (Fortis 2012: 2) In social anthropology cosmology is closely connected to the study of religion, which reflects to the nuchukana because these carvings are being made and used in a religions manner. The Kuna cosmology perspectives mainly revolves around nature, especially trees, are sacred space. The nuchu are made with trees that have to be properly horned before the men begin to carve out these statues. Since the Kuna people belive in evil spirits and demons the practice of creating the nuchu become predominate in protection themselves and family from harm, “I remember Nixia Pèrez, our host and friend, commenting that she would never spend the night there for she fearful encountering kimala, “ghost”, which are said to wander around that side of Ustupir, far from the house where people live”, (Fortis 2012: 28-29). Another connection to the Kuna cosmology perspective to nuchu carvings is the perceptive of sickness and death. The appearance of the nuchu reflects an image of death to the Kuna people, “the image of a couple…

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  • Stone Carving Essay

    HOW IS WOODEN CARVING DIFFERENT FROM STONE CARVING? Know The Carvings A number of material such as stone, metal, glass, pottery and wood are used to do the carvings in different shapes. The far-reaching used material is stone, which gives out the most alive carvings among others. All of these material can be used in artistic ways or for a normal use. If you are a lover of sculptures, you must have noticed that these are inspired by so many subjects, such as human life, love, or can also be…

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  • Mooney Warther Biography

    It was when this 8 ' x 10 ' shop was completed that Mooney stated “I have stopped whittling and started carving." And thus began his life’s greatest work, carving the history of the steam engine. Mooney considered his early carvings of pliers to be “whittling” and his steam engines to be “carvings.” Mooney’s history of the steam engine began with him carving the Hero 's Engine from 250 BC. Sixty-four steam engines later his work ended with the carving of the Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive of…

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  • African Sculpture Analysis

    figure. The wood looks as though it is hollow, although in reality, it is not. This is known because of the fact that both figures have actually survived as fragments. The Yungur statue has a missing left forearm. The Jukan statue has a broken right leg, and a missing left foot. Where there is missing and broken parts, you can actually see that the wood is solid. These fragments alter my perception of the statues, but in a positive manner. Due to the fact that these pieces are missing, I am able…

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  • William Faulkner's Barn Burning: Carving A New Path

    Barn Burning: Carving a New Path Often enough, children are close to clones of their parents. They speak, act, and even think similarly to how their parents do. The largest influence on a child’s personality is his or her environment. However, there are rare instances where against all odds, children differ drastically from their parents. In Barn Burning, by William Faulkner, Sartoris is trapped by his father’s influence, which leads to common predictions that Sartoris will follow in his…

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  • Cross By Alli Condie Analysis

    Cassia’s to Ky’s perspective, Ky is burying aberrations, people who are not allowed to marry because they or their families have committed infractions against the government, since the society sent them to die by being killed by “the Enemy.” Cassia escapes to the Outer Provinces, but only to find out that Ky escaped into the canyons, the Carving.…

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  • Here's Looking At Wants And Craving Essay

    identifying and handling urges and carvings. Group members were to use the handout to identify their personal internal and external triggers to urges and cravings, and then learned steps to handle such triggers without the use of substance(s). PO moderately participated in the group activities. PO demonstrated the use of learned kills to cope with urges and cravings, stated “I stay away from all high risk situations and old friends.” PO continues making progress in treatment, and appears to…

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  • Death Of Judas Research Paper

    Visualizing the “Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ” “Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ” is a rectangular ivory carving of an event depicting four men and one woman. The bottom horizontal part of the rectangular carving functions as the ground of the scene, which subtlety merges into the sides of the carving. The two side and top of ivory carving function as a border with the inscription “REX IVD” over the head of Christ. These men appear to be outside in a warm environment,…

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  • Salish Tribe

    its own story. The art is both functional and, at the same time is paired with cultural art of Salish tribe. The two main necessities that turned into art were the basketry and canoe carving. The journey of weaving baskets and carving canoes starts with physical activity and expression to cultural history.…

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  • Art Analysis: The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs

    My assigned artwork, The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs expresses a desire for power, permanence and a need to find meaning in the world. The artwork illustrates the Assyrians being led by a king, and as we all know, the kings are the most powerful in a monarchy. The artwork also illustrates the lions being held captive in cages, only released to fight another lion in the ring, showing which lion is the most powerful, almost done as in the gladiators times. The way the artwork shows how to find…

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