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  • Home Depot's Breach Case Study

    In the article I read, I learned that over a five month period, Home Depot’s payment terminals have been compromised. Home Depot’s breach was much bigger than the holiday attack at Target Corp (Sidel). Home Depot’s payment terminals have been under attack by hackers. Hackers, malicious computer users that find new ways to harass people defraud corporations, steal information, and maybe even destroy the economy (Strickland, 1). I believe not all hackers are here to inflict harm on others. Some ‘hackers’ are just regular individuals trying to improve any computer systems or explore the wonders of the technological world. But unfortunately, most hackers are here to mortify others and take advantage of them. The pre-Christmas 2013 attack at Target affected 40 million credit and debit cards (Sidel). All of the attacks were the result of software that was slipped into the Home Depot’s networks to skim any credit or debit card data. The malware used in the data breach that took place between April and September has been eliminated (D’Innoncenzio). Apparently the breach didn’t affect any stores in Mexico or online customers. Home Depot stores have assessed the hacker breach and have provided a new, more secure form of payment, which provides enhanced encryption of payment data. With this new security system in motion, customer’s card data is fully protected and less vulnerable to hackers. This system jumbles up and locks all the card information making it impossible to read and…

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  • Service Marketing: Intangibility And Potential Problems In Service

    rooms one night, they will never be able to sell those rooms on that day ever again. Because of this, hotels have begun charging customers a fee for not showing up for their reservation and will strategically overbook on certain nights to avoid losing profits. This is the best way to avoid loses because not many people will pay money for a room they do not plan on using. Perishability also affects restaurants who serve food on a buffet. Some of the foods left on a buffet can be used in other…

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  • Agoda Case Study

    choice of hotel, you will come to the page where you need to decide on the type of room you wish to book • Choose the room you wish to stay and click on ‘Book It’ button. You will need to fill up the booking information and will see the total price of the chosen rooms • You can send special request to the hotel by clicking the ‘Special Request’ button. Click ‘Continue’ when done • You can also book as a guest on behalf of some else by clicking the dedicated box. Then you need to enter the guest…

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