Cartoon Wars Part II

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  • The TV Show South Park: Momor Or Humor?

    Individuals shouldn’t take South Park too seriously, in the end it’s just a sarcastic show, and everyone is subject to the shows mocking wittiness. When the subject of religion surfaced, the episodes Cartoon Wars Part 1 and Part 2 were the most scandalous episodes when it came to the insulting of religion (Herrmann). This time though these episodes mimicked the religion of Islam. What made it so provocative was the representation of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (Bourguet) When “Cartoon Wars Part 1” aired, it was seen with some disagreement, since it indirectly implied that Muhammad would be depicted. When the show was concluded, it was left on a suspicious note, anticipating audiences to stay tuned to see if Muhammad was truly depicted or would he not be. When “Cartoon Wars Part 2” trailed the episode, Comedy Central concealed the scene that Muhammad was depicted. The creators, Stone and Parker believed it was ludicrous due to the fact that Muhammad was depicted in a previous episode titled “Super Best Friends”, where numerous spiritual prophets were represented as an alliance of…

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  • How Did The White Italian Americans Lose Their Power

    After the Revolutionary War, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (W.A.S.P.s) were in power, they held all the political offices; they owned the most land, they had the most profitable businesses, and the largest factories. They enjoyed being in control of everything and they wanted to keep that control and power. After the Civil War more immigrants were coming to America to their share of the wealth they believed America had. These immigrants now were coming from all over the world, not just…

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  • Symbolism In Goodfellas By Scorsese And Anothe

    made ”a story of a modern saint, (Scorsese 2–24). This is also visible from words from the beginning of the film: „You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullsh*t and you know it.”. The institution of church is moved to the streets, and he shows exactly what the post-Vietnam film era chose to forget, and that is the choice burdened with morality. We could also explain the absence of religion in cinema with Leonard’s words: „the reasons…

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  • The Godfather Research Paper

    I give The Godfather four stars out of four stars. It is an excellent movie. The first thing that makes The Godfather an excellent movie is the music score. The music fit with the movie perfectly. The composers of the songs did an excellent job composing pieces that fit with the scene. The final song, composed by Nino Rota, is very memorable. From now on, whenever I hear Rota’s song, I will think of The Godfather. The action is the second thing that makes The Godfather an excellent movie. The…

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  • Slumdog Millionaire Analysis

    Once again, director, Danny Boyle has combined drama and crime with a pinch of romance and created a British film called Slumdog Millionaire. The film is written by Simon Beaufoy and produced by Christian Colson. The movie is yet another example of rags-to-riches, it is about a Muslim boy named Jamal Malik, who grew up on the streets of Mumbai, India with his older brother Salim Malik, as they lost their mother in an anti-Muslim riot. Jamal and Salim met a little pretty girl of their age called…

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  • Scarface And The Godfather Analysis

    of the ambience gives the streets a rather characteristic look, and the pinnacle of them all is Babylon Club, the hub of vices and excesses. Tony Montana’s era is defined on the criminal world where drugs are becoming the staple commodity, with cocaine taking the crown. Going after the “American Dream” was his goal, to include his sister and mother. 1945 to1955 – Decade of The Godfather The aftermath of World War II, better known as “Post-War America”, is the main setting of the film. New York…

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  • The American Dream In The Godfather And The Godfather

    The basis of the American Dream is that every United States citizen has the equal opportunity to become anything they want, through hard work, determination and initiative. Becoming “American” has been a constant topic brought up in mafia films such as Scarface, The codfather part I and II. The Corleone is a family run and operated business, founded on trust, support and protection. The Godfather displays the dark side of how the American Dream can affect who you become. Michael let the idea of…

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  • Breathless Case Study: French New Wave

    Week 11 French New Wave Breathless 90 mins, 1960, French Directed By: Jean-Luc Godard Written By: Jean-Luc Godard Synopsis: Paying homage to the numerous crime thrillers of Hollywood’s Golden era, this film charts the relationship between Michel, a stylish but unpredictable criminal, and his estranged American girlfriend. Again, the notion of escapism through the cinema is key to this most famous of the new wave pictures. Essential Readings: Hart Cohen, Juan Francisco Salazar and Iqbal Barkat.…

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  • Film Analysis: The Wolf Of Wall Street

    that he thrives off have one fundamental aspect in common, argues Giorgos Kallis: above all else they must keep moving at all times no matter what the human cost. The Wolf of Wall Street is a warning to you. It is a warning to us. While the narrative is filtered through Belfort's manic, drug-addled perspective, this isn't some fictional world. The harshest truths haven't been twisted to fit a morality tale - this is still our world we're looking at, and in our world, there are people who think…

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  • Godfather Scene Analysis

    The selected scene is from 37:51 to 39:53 in the film Godfather, Part 2; altogether, there are 15 shots in this duration. This scene is centered with the conversation between Michael Corleone and his step-brother Tom Hagen. This conversation is expected to be very “private”, only between Michael and Tom. Therefore, both lighting and camera shots have to create the sense of mystique. In order to do so, generally speaking, the lighting in this room is very dark. It has struck a responsive chord in…

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