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  • Example Of Car Subcultures

    home from work and spot a car that is a little bit way too low to be on the road? Most of us have and if you are not into todays car scene, you might just find it a little bit too weird. Today’s car scene is subculture that is rapidly growing and many are proud to be in. Within these car scene subcultures we have different categories that we can identify; classic, American, and imports. These are all very different subcultures but they all share one thing, and that is the love and care for their cars. The subculture I am involved in is the import car scene subculture. This subculture consists of all cars that are not made in the USA, popular names are Volkswagen, Nissans, and Subaru. The category which a person…

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  • Lamborghini Car

    As the goal of this study is to gauge the appeal of purchasing an autonomous Lamborghini car, we had to test what degree of autonomy is most influential in determining its desirability. By degree of autonomy, we mean is the car fully autonomous, where the driver would need to do nothing else except turn the car on and off to get to his/her destination; or is the car semi-autonomous, where the car only has self-parking features. To test our new brand extension idea, we must assess and determine…

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  • Driverless Cars

    Introduction Fully automated, self-driving cars are currently a trending topic in the automotive industry, bringing much public interest along with concern as they quickly approach the consumer market. Equipped with an array of built-in sensors and sophisticated computer systems, these cars can drive themselves with minimal or no human assistance. As autonomous cars become widely adopted, they will undoubtedly change many aspects of the everyday life, for better or worse. The way people perceive…

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  • Electric Cars

    vehicle takes. They normally don’t consider a substitute for the petrol that they fill up their cars with. Although petrol is the most common, it isn’t the only source of power for a car; electricity and diesel can be used instead of the general petrol that powers most automobiles. Although they differ from each other, electricity and diesel are replacements to the average petrol received at a fuel station. Electricity run vehicles have large high capacity batteries that produce low horsepower…

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  • Car Rentals: The Benefits Of Renting A Car

    Renting a car is a great way to get around an area if you don't want to have to rely on public transport. Some people might think about car rentals if they are on vacation or if they are in a different city or state for business. Having a car at your disposal means that you can be much more independent which can make your time away from home a lot more relaxed. Car rentals are very popular today which means that rental agencies are all looking for ways to get your custom. To do this they are…

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  • The Muscle Car

    Has muscle gone too Far In 1964 Ford released the first iconic muscle car that changed american life style and revolutionized the automotive industry by introducing new style of cars. Such an iconic part of American History didn’t just emerged from the dark or from a simple idea, like an everyday object, everything has a background and purpose being innovated as time goes on. When someone looks at a muscle car they typically think speed, power, and the massive V8 rumbling sound. Yet no one…

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  • Plug In Cars

    vehicle, as an alternative to standard gasoline powered cars. Of the choices listed, the plug-in vehicle, is the best option for an alternative to standard petroleum vehicles. There are many reasons the plug-in is best, but the main reasons are; most people are not ready to transition to a pure electric vehicle yet; plug-in vehicles are very efficient; and plug-in vehicles reduce pollution.…

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  • Driverless Car

    article about “The Moral Challenges of Driverless Cars” written by Keith Kirkpatrick. Keith thinks allowing driverless cars to chare the road with other vehicles, pedestrian, and cyclist will create a significant problem with technologists and ethicists. This article has provides important researches that supports the challenge with the morality behind allowing driverless car on public roads, but the conclusion doesn’t not link back towards the thesis of the article. This article analyze how a…

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  • Electric Cars Vs. Electric Car In The Industrial Revolution

    Electric cars versus Gas powered cars Cars are an important part of the human life. It is used for everyday tasks such as commuting to work, school, and events. Humans love to find the fastest, most cost-effective ways to get a job done. Even though the job gets done faster doesn’t mean it 's the most ethical way being done. At the time of the Industrial Revolution is when advanced machinery and mechanics were introduced into society. Creating the need to have better transport for…

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  • Electric Cars Importance

    The value of electric cars is increasing by the year. They are becoming smarter and more efficient. But they are becoming farther out of range for the average person. Are the prices getting farther out of the reach of the average middle-class person? Cost of batteries The cost of the batteries is extremely high in price. They increase all the time because of the materials they use to make the battery stronger. One battery is around 20 thousand dollars. They last approximately 8-10 years. The…

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