Example Of Car Subcultures

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Have you ever just been driving home from work and spot a car that is a little bit way too low to be on the road? Most of us have and if you are not into todays car scene, you might just find it a little bit too weird. Today’s car scene is subculture that is rapidly growing and many are proud to be in. Within these car scene subcultures we have different categories that we can identify; classic, American, and imports. These are all very different subcultures but they all share one thing, and that is the love and care for their cars. The subculture I am involved in is the import car scene subculture. This subculture consists of all cars that are not made in the USA, popular names are Volkswagen, Nissans, and Subaru.
The category which a person
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The majority of the member in this subculture have some type of mechanical experience, members love working on their cars to make sure they are always running good and healthy. People in the car scene subculture always care and try to keep their cars as clean as possible, because of this member in the car scene also have attention to detail when it comes the way their cars look. A characteristic that most members also share is good quality photography skills, sharing high quality pictures on the internet is a common goal for the car enthusiast subculture. One big norm that the car scene subculture member all share is a hobby of modifying their cars into show cars and performance cars. Car enthusiast invest a huge amount of money into their cars to add performance and good looks. Some car enthusiast today have a tradition of what we call “stancing out” your cars by having it lowered an excessive amount by tucking in the wheels inside the fender and by having an excessive amount of negative …show more content…
A Majority of conflicts, however, are external conflicts dealing with other subcultures, such as law enforcement, members within the subcultures, and society in general. The biggest problem, however, is people outside our subcultures who see us as dangerous and wreck less group of individuals. This is because certain members within the subculture give the subculture a bad name and reputation, by committing unlawful actions during events. Unlawful action are things such as performing burnouts and drag racing during car meets. Most of the times when this happens people outside the subcultures call the police because they feel unsafe under this type of environment, which is understandable. However, instead of shutting the whole event down law enforcement should give consequences to the certain individual causing this

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