Electric Cars

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The average person today will fill up their vehicles with different grades of petrol, because that is what the common vehicle takes. They normally don’t consider a substitute for the petrol that they fill up their cars with. Although petrol is the most common, it isn’t the only source of power for a car; electricity and diesel can be used instead of the general petrol that powers most automobiles. Although they differ from each other, electricity and diesel are replacements to the average petrol received at a fuel station. Electricity run vehicles have large high capacity batteries that produce low horsepower but, nevertheless fast automobiles. Electric cars are generally made to be environment friendly and soundless. Diesel being a more concentrated fuel, it gives out a lot of power in a short amount of time and is …show more content…
Electricity is also a great source of energy for the car. A major reason why electric cars are not so much used is that the average car battery used to run the vehicle can be extremely expensive. Prices can range anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the battery quality. Even though it may seem that electricity does not cause pollution, it is an illusion because how the electricity is produced in the battery. The electricity is produced by nuclear fission in the battery. Nuclear fission produces a lot of harmful excess waste but, doesn't let it into the atmosphere. Also the time taken between charges and the actual time it takes to charge the battery greatly hinders the use of electric cars. Diesel is far more volatile than petrol, and possess a greater threat to the atmosphere because of how the molecule is structured. Also in most regions, diesel is more expensive than petrol. For these reasons, people are either afraid to fill their cars with diesel or they find it cheaper to use

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