Argumentative Essay: Replacing Battery Powered Vehicles

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Pollution from vehicles is very harmful to the Earth and the people on it, and has been polluting the Earth for over a hundred years now. We need a way of transportation that’s less harmful to humans and the environment, that doesn’t produce toxic fumes, and costs less money. Battery powered cars are the solution to this problem. Battery powered cars are a safe, non polluting alternative to regular vehicles that burn fossil fuels. Replacing gasoline cars with these non polluting battery powered cars would cut down on air pollution, save money, and would save fossil fuels.
Battery power is safer for the environment than gasoline cars that are terrible for the environment. Battery powered cars don’t pollute the air with toxic gases, since they do not burn gasoline, and are better for the Earth. Gasoline cars burn gasoline and create a terrible fog like pollution called smog, this can be stopped by battery powered cars. Along with the prevention of smog, they also don’t produce gases that deplete the ozone layer,
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Gas is a nonrenewable energy source and we do not have an abundant supply, because it takes millions of years to form. Replacing the use of these fossil fuels with battery power will save gasoline so we have more in the future in case batteries fail . If batteries ever do come to naught, gasoline is still available for use, but not as a permanent power source, instead it will be used as a substitute. We would save an abundant amount of fossil fuels if we switch to non gas cars.
Electric cars are better than gasoline cars. Imagine the world without the harmful pollution from burning fuels that produce dangerous fumes--a world where tremendously high gas prices no longer remain, and where we don’t completely deplete the world’s scarce supply of fossil fuels. We need to prevent smog and other dangerous gases like it. Save the environment; get a battery powered

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