Argumentative Essay On Electric Cars

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There has been a lot of controversy if the use of electric cars will stand the test of time and be able to become the newest coming trend in the transportation sector. With all of the technological advances, environmentally, healthily and economically electric cars do benefit the entire population and also help reduce the toxicity that the planet is now having to deal with because of all the pollution man-kind has created.

Ecological Factors
The use of an electric car allows to reduce the amount of toxins that are released into the atmosphere compared to all the toxins that are emitted from regular gas vehicles. While using gas, you don’t only hear the toxins but you can actually see what is coming out of your car’s engine.
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The simplest way to do this is to stop using cars that emit toxins. Secondly, electric cars do not react the same way that gas consuming cars react with the different elements in nature. Dealing with natural elements is hard to do because there is no predictability that all of the conditions will be the same every time that you try to recreate a specific scenario with very specific and detailed instructions. Gas pollutes and hurts these natural elements when electric cars cannot because it is not remotely possible for them to emit anything. (There are different types of electric cars that do have a very small engine and do emit gases, but I am only focusing on the purely electric cars that do not need any help from gas). And even if there is the use of some of the electric cars that do emit some gas because of the small tank that they have, it doesn’t even compare with the size of those Ram trucks. Another great thing about electric cars is that they can be powered by wind power or solar radiation, this means that you can use your car by absorbing the natural energy that comes from the sun or the wind. We are now capable to use …show more content…
Firstly, there is no more having to use the gas you have in your tank to go and fill up for new gas. It’s a bit ironic that we are using the gas that we have to go spend more money because we need more of it. There is also the fact that the price of gas is continuously changing. I’ve seen it on multiple occasions as I am going somewhere the price of gas and once I get to somewhere different there is a significant difference in the prices. Even some of the gas stations in the same area have varying prices. There are even some gas stations that will change their own prices within a couple of hours. The continuous variation of the prices of gas creates the uncertainty of when to gas up. Now with electric cars there is no having to go to the gas station and consume more gas especially with those cars that have a very large tank so it consumes a lot of gas and money. The second thing is that while we live in Quebec, we sometimes have those harsh winter days that reach -30 degrees Celsius and that actually has an effect on the amount of gas that is in our tank. The harshness of the cold actually reduces, shrinks the actual amount of gas you had in your tank the night before. This is a huge inconvenience because most mornings are very rushed and no one predicts having to go and gas up because they have calculated that their tank has enough gas to last them the day and

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