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  • Symbolism Techniques And Contributions: An Analysis Of Two Cartoonists

    Symbolism by definition is the usage of certain objects or signs to stand for bigger meanings, concepts or ideas. In the first cartoon the beaten up man with that head which looks like the earth is a symbol for the earth, the cartoonist meant by that image to show people the bad effects of overpopulation on the earth, and that earth will no longer be able to face this problem or handle its effects. In the second cartoon the earth is being presented by a man or a boy being showered, the cartoonist here wanted to show to the viewers that overpopulation pollute the earth very badly, and that the earth is over-polluted and very crowded all that because of overpopulation. Both cartoonists used this technique in a good way to show the effects of overpopulation, but maybe the second one is clearer than the first one, as it shows more aspects and effects of the problems using this…

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  • Robert Gerberg Political Cartoon

    History has always been recorded through time in multiple ways like video, songs, writing and through art. Of the many forms of art used to capture situations, cartoons have become a popular type in the most current time. Cartoons have been used since the 1700s to depict different situations in seriousness or humor. Cartoons appear in the form of movies and television shows to bring smiles to its viewers and even in the form of comics to bring out the adolescence in any person. They have been…

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  • Symbolism In Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving Dinner?

    and dress. Additionally, his caricature alludes to the continuous conflict between the United States westward expansion and the displacement and massacre of tribal people. Similarly, the Chinese during this time were facing increasing animosity from whites in the labor markets with organized whites mounting a campaign against their employment, an inevitable result of a recession that hit after the opening of the railroad in 1867.11 These labor tensions would continue into the 20th century among…

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  • Doraemon, By Cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto's Mystra

    Doraemon written by cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto writing under the pen name Fujiko F. Fujio, is a successful Japanese manga series. It is considered as a Japanese cultural icon and is popular around the world, especially in Asia. Doraemon is well known in many ways such as manga, television series, films, video games, or even musical and translated into 9 languages. The first Doraemon in manga version was launched in December 1969. Forty-five volumes of the Doraemon comic series had been…

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  • Charlie Heb Case Study Summary

    not show the balance, which should consider who the stakeholders are and what the rules or roles of them are. In this case, the stakeholders are cartoonist and editor on one side, and the refugees on the other side. The cartoon did not make an ethical balance between the freedoms of speech, which are the role of cartoonist and editor, and the dignity of the refugees. The cartoonist and the editor have a right to express their opinions. However, the society of refugees could feel alienation and…

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  • The American Pipe Dream Analysis

    The cartoonist is making the point with the caption in the box, that the American dream is in his opinion a pipe dream of the people combined with high illusions and expectations that can't be reached and are unrealistic and a wishful thought. The majority of the people in the US try to reach the top of the society and achieve the American dream by buying an own house or cars and having a high living standard. However, they don’t realize they are plunged into debts, as the young family, the…

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  • Analysis Of Forcing Slavery Down The Throat Of A Free Soiler

    The political cartoon titled “Forcing Slavery Down the Throat of a Free Soiler” surfaces during the tumultuous build-up to the American Civil War. In the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which ultimately granted popular sovereignty – the ability of the people to consent to its authoritative bodies – over the issue of slavery, slavery sympathizers and abolitionists combatted each other to gain advantages. The cartoonist makes effective use of graphic imagery, labels, and language to demonstrate…

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  • Self-Adoption In Art Spiegelman's Maus

    Why would an author or in this case a cartoonist write/draw himself into the story? The use of self-insertion adds to the effectiveness of the writer and in this instance, Art Spiegelman uses the concept of self-insertion to effectively tell the story of the Holocaust and tell the story with a post-memory twist. Primarily, the use of self-insertion creates a sense of ethos with the audience. Rather than acting as a regular character, the cartoonist sits in for the reader herself. Acting as a…

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  • Freedom Of Speech In Rick Mckee's Political Cartoon

    constraint. The restrainment of speech has raised many issues of the right to free speech since this constitutional freedom has been characterized with contention subsequent to its entrenchment. Many medias are used to draw the attention of citizens and viewers to issues hindering freedom of speech. Political cartoons are one of the most popular medias used to express opinions about current events and draw our attention to the point of view in cartoons. Hypocrisy is one of the many issues…

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  • William Shakespeare Humorism Essay

    that are not typically spoken in circadian life. Shakespeare made several plays that expressed views that, for the time, were vulgar and lewd in their content. In many of his works, he used thinly veiled references to the Queen of England and her passing of power to the next monarch. The Queen of England at the time of many of Shakespeare’s greatest creations was Elizabeth I, the famed “Virgin Queen.” Because of the tumultuous controversy of who would succeed the childless queen to the throne,…

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