Robert Gerberg Political Cartoon

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History has always been recorded through time in multiple ways like video, songs, writing and through art. Of the many forms of art used to capture situations, cartoons have become a popular type in the most current time. Cartoons have been used since the 1700s to depict different situations in seriousness or humor. Cartoons appear in the form of movies and television shows to bring smiles to its viewers and even in the form of comics to bring out the adolescence in any person. They have been known to entertain the viewers, educate, and sometimes persuade them on different situations. Mort Gerberg is one of the most known Political Cartoonists in the world. Gerberg has been a cartoonist since 1960 and sold his very first cartoon in 1961 to small magazines, like 1000 Jokes, Swank, and Diners Club Magazine, before publishing in major markets. Overtime his cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy and numerous other publications. He has written, edited, and illustrated 43 books for both adults and children. His most respectable instructional work in his career for 28 years is Cartooning: The Art and the Business. Gerberg …show more content…
Cliché violations are defined by Gerberg as, “the vehicle of instant communication. [. . .] The message is in twisting it, turning the cliché around. Adding a new association. Violating the cliché.” (130). The only cliché violation Ariail puts in the entire cartoon is Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is the symbol of America and is usually depicted as healthy looking, strong, and confident looking. Ariail draws Uncle Sam as a scared, small, frail looking man. This is the opposite of what Uncle Sam always looks like. With Ariail’s drawing of Uncle Sam, it can be inferred that America is in a scared, weaker looking state, just like how Uncle Sam is depicted as. Uncle Sam (America) would never want to appear as weak or scared in from of anyone no matter the

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