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  • Cloud 9 By Caryl Churchill

    Research Paper: Cloud 9 “Cloud 9”, a play written by Caryl Churchill in 1979, is composed of two acts and focuses in a colonial British family who lives in Africa during the Victorian Era. The central theme explores the search for identity and social struggles that this family is facing. Such themes have a similarity to the society during the time that the play was written and it also can be related to the time in which we are currently living. “Joshua. My skin is black but oh my soul is white. I hate my tribe. My master is my light. I only live for him. As you can see, what white men want I want to be” (Churchill 6). This quote is recited by a young African boy, who despites his ethnic background and displays his desire to be part of a white family. In 1979, Racism was a big issue in the United States. During that time, African Americans were discriminated against and practically treated as slaves; not only African American but also immigrants. As Joshua, whose main goal was to fit in with the white society, there were some movements during the time, as “Rock Against Racism”, who were still seeking for the same goal and fighting for the African American equality. Even though today racism is not as big as it was, we still face the same issue, for example the shooting of black citizens by the police, and other movements that still…

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  • Top Girls Analysis

    How do Churchill and Angelis present the characters in Top Girls to examine the struggles for women in the historical context in which they are set. Remember to present alternative viewpoints in your answer and to examine the aspects of dramatic presentation and stagecraft in your textual study. Top Girls by Caryl Churchill, written in 1982 and Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis, written in 1993, are two congruent texts which delve into the ongoing war for women battling against the system…

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  • Analysis Of Robin Williams And Good Will Hunting

    Both the “Never Give In” speech by Winston Churchill and the “Good Will Hunting” monologue delivered by Robin Williams, are similar speeches in their themes and stylistic features. On October 29, 1941, United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited Harrow School to give an inspirational speech to the students. The world was an extremely dark place, World War II had just begun and the United Kingdom was struggling. The speech was optimistic, concerning the outcome of the war and referred…

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  • Analysis Of D-Day In Normandy, Operation Market Garden And The Battle Of The Bulge

    It was a meeting of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After seeing that the war against Germany was coming to a close these three Allied powers came together to discuss the next steps in ending the war. They decided that they would demand Germany’s unconditional surrender. This was just the first step to the plans for a post-war world. A big discussion was what to do with the conquered country after the war and the…

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  • Homologous Education

    rates of ethnic minorities ̶̶ especially Aboriginal students (Enns, 2014). Regardless of the reasons for placement, (prior academic performance, grades, teachers ' recommendations, or educational aspirations—all of which are influenced by socioeconomic background), there are substantial social class differences in the resulting track designations (Crosby and Owens, 2). For example, a special course, called Skills Development classes, that aims to improve learning strategies for students whom may…

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  • Churchill's Speech 'We Shall Fight On The Beaches'

    War II World War II had many influential leaders. Some more influential than others, but two of the most influential leaders were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Both men showed exquisite leadership skills and strategic foresight for war. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were important leaders during WWII, whose leadership allowed for the defeat of Hitler. Franklin Delanore Roosevelt was a phenomenal leader. He had a strong character and a confidence that kept people…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Atlantic Charter

    In 1941 Nazi Germany other axis powers began taking over the world. The United States of America, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union fought against them. Many people know of historical events that occurred in Europe and the Pacific but do not know of events that occurred in Africa. A lot of Africans fought in world war two along with the colonial leaders, some were overtaken are in control by the axis powers other by the Allies. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president of the United States,…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Their Finest Hours

    Rhetorical Analysis of Their Finest Hours Their finest hour is a famous speech given by Winston Churchill on 18, June 1940. What happens in the unusual 1940? Let us walk into that year, an extremely terrible year, when England is fluttering about in the storm. Not long before the outbreak of the Second World War, under the Germany’s crazy assault, Austria, Finland, Belgium…have already licked the dust. Maybe the German is fully prepared, France, which claims to be the first power in the…

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  • Conspiracy Theory Of Franklin Roosevelt's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    Although some people say that attack on Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy and the mastermind of the attack was Franklin Roosevelt who was the president of the United States, he and the American government did not have any relation with the conspiracy theory of attacking on Pearl Harbor. Lashmar, Paul. "Pearl Harbor Conspiracy Is Bunk." The Independent. Independent Digital News and Media, 23 Aug. 1998. Web. 24 Sept. 2016. Why this article chosen is that the author mentioned clearly about a telegram…

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  • Optimism In The Ballad Of Robin Hood

    awhile, hardships will befall upon the group. In order to bring up the enthusiasm in his fellow outlaws, Robin Hood would give speeches and keep up his merry attitude until his final breath. Whenever Robin Hood had been injured or captured, he always hoped for the best and in the end, he always succeeded his own goals with his men carrying on with their merry ordeals even through hard times. While Robin Hood was the prominent hope, leader, and voice in the medieval era, Prime Minister Winston…

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