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  • Alternate Ending Zach Bingham's 'The Hunted'

    Alternate Ending Zach Bingham The Hunted is a sequel to The Living and in The Living a boy named Shy took a summer job to make some money. In a few months on a luxury cruise liner, he'll rake in tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills. But then while on the cruise liner everything changes when the Big One hits. Shy is left at sea for weeks then a one of the biggest earthquakes to hit California strikes and his life is changed forever. The earthquake was only the first disaster recorded then suddenly it is a fight to survive for the people who are left living. The Hunted is a book about when the Big One hits and Shy was at sea in style. The Paradise Cruise luxury liner he worked on was a hulking…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Cruise

    interior cabin room. There were two twin beds, a cramped private bathroom with a shower, a boxy closet for hanging clothes, dresser cabinet, and last but not least a mini TV. I was upset there was no window to let in natural light, so we felt claustrophobic. We didn’t let the small room bring us down; we knew we would be super busy with activities so there was little time to waste in our cabins. We started the day by going down to the Sea day brunch to eat up. From huevos rancheros to loaded mac…

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  • Lusitania Research Paper

    uneasiness among certain passengers, to the point were people who got fully clothed to bed. A particular passenger, “A young english man at our table had been served with his ice cream and was waiting for the steward to bring him a spoon to eat it with. He looked ruefully at it and said he would hate to have a torpedo get to him before he ate it”(234). Lucky he made it alive. Another case was when the American ambassador wrote, “The blowing up of a liner with American passengers may be the…

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  • Carnival Cruise Line Marketing Strategy

    comfortable. Along with their freestyle cruising outlook the dining experience has change from set time to whenever a guest wants to eat with styles ranging from casual to gourmet, the offerings are endless. They continue to design the ships with endless entertainment experiences and activities so guests have their pick of what to do while onboard. Some of their offerings include comedy shows, musicals, broadways production, acrobatic and aerialist, magicians, live music and themed parties just…

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  • Free Or Discounted Travel Essay

    If you are looking for a good job that can pay from $60,000 to $200,000 a year, you might want to consider a job in hospitality and tourism. A job in the field can bring a lot more than good pay, however. Here are six perks you can get in your new career that a hospitality and tourism degree can help you get--some of which are not offered in other careers. Free or Discounted Travel Do you like to travel? Would you like to visit Alaska, the Bahamas, Asia, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand, the…

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  • What Is The Legal External Environment Affect The Cruise Industry?

    The legal external environment, related to the international and national laws, may affect the cruise industry. Cruise companies often try to avoid legal factors such as national taxes and labour laws by registering their organisation and cruise liners in foreign countries with a weak political environment, such as Panama, the Bahamas, and Liberia (Burke, 2009). This is often stated as the ‘flag of convenience’. This frequently results in employees of cruises being underpaid, mistreated and they…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Sailing In Croatia

    Sailing in Croatia – Discovering the Adriatic at Your Own Pace One of the best experiences you can treat yourself to while vacationing in Croatia is a renting a yacht. Imagine it; the sea and the sun, and you and your partner, sailing the open sea without a care in the world. It’s quite an experience! One of the greatest things about it is the fact that you get to make your own itinerary. Group sailing tours have their charm, that is true, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood for the…

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  • Textual Analysis Of The Paper Kites

    What would happen if you penned an entire record between the hours of 12 and 4 in the morning? We’re about to find out, because Melbourne five piece The Paper Kites literally crafted their sophomore album twelvefour when the rest of the world was asleep. “The album is a concept record, based around a theory that an artist's creative peak is between the hours of midnight and 4am,” says frontman Sam Bentley. The result is a collection of 10 tracks, mixing the introspection of the night with…

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  • Ice Dome City

    The hustle of every-day life takes place underneath the surface of the ocean instead of on land. The shrinking ice caps that David Kramer talked about in the Physics Today magazine have all melted. “The melting of the Antarctic ice cap may have reached the point of no return and threatens to raise sea levels by more than three metres, according to a new study.” Now the world is covered in water. There is no longer land available to live on. Phil Pauley designed a self-sustaining dome for people…

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  • Stop Global Warming Essay

    The world will melt its way into an apocalyptic world, oceans will flood places, people will die of the heat, starvation will take place. How will the human race prevent this from happening? In order to stop global warming scientists must find ideas, and look at what is causing this? Global Warming occurs when a vast quantity of C02 along with other pollutants gets into the atmosphere and absorbs light as well as solar radiation, which has bounced off the surface of the Earth for centuries in…

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