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  • Analysis Of Keiler's Logical Fallacies In Music

    other notes’ origin, he calls them dissonant, and therefore outside of the “chord of nature’s” jurisdiction. Therefore, the only notes held responsible for harmonic series origin are the 1, 3, 5, and octave. The fifth is the 3rd harmonic, and is only 2 cents sharp. The octave rates even better—it is the second harmonic and has no pitch variance between the given overtone and its usage in tonal music. However, the third of the scale does not pass Keiler’s pitch variance comparison. As stated, the major third is 14 cents flat. Furthermore, Schenker fails to provide an explanation for minor tonality. The minor third is far further into the harmonic series limits, being the 19th harmonic. So, while Schenker does not claim the harmonic series to be the basis for the entire scale, he does apply it for the three notes of the major triad, and even this has fundamental issues. The other part of Schenker’s view that may help it escape Keiler’s criticisms is in the applications of the theory. While Bernstein was attempting to explain all of the world’s music, Schenker was describing only Western tonal music. Schenker recognizes a difference between Western and, as he calls it, “exotic” music. He claims that non-Western music strives for the intervals reached in tonal music, primarily the octave, fifth, and third, yet never really reaches these intervals, resulting in a lack of diatony (Schenker 11). Here, Schenker’s highly nationalistic, German-supremist view surfaces. Yet however…

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  • Wilbur And Orville Wright Research Paper

    Everybody wants to fly one day and Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright made that a possibility.They took flight on December,17,1903 where their lives changed. Wilbur was born in Millville,Indiana on April,16,1867 he was the first child in his family.His brother Orville Wright was brother and 2nd child of the Wright family. Where they moved to Dayton,Ohio where they grew up to work in their bicycle shop.Where they worked with their sister and his other brothers worked their to earn money. When the…

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  • Wiley Post: A Prominent American Pilot

    Wiley Hardeman Post was a prominent American pilot born on November 22, 1898. He was from Maysville, Oklahoma and became one of the world’s most famous aviators in the 1930s. He set a record and became the first person to complete a flight around the world solo. Overcoming personal tragedy, Post refused to let this interfere with his love for flying. In addition to his airspeed records, he also invented the pressurized flight suit and discovered the jet stream. Throughout his lifetime, although…

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  • Wright Brothers Research Paper

    Introduction:The Wright brothers were two boys who grew up too be men with great mindsets they built airplanes. They are the first people ever to fly and that is awesome and back then and now they are still some of the most popular innovators in the world because of them we could get places a lot faster now instead of driving or walking we can fly. The Wright brothers were innovative. Wilbur Wright was born in Millville,Indiana in the year 1867. Orville Wright was born in…

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  • Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer In The Field Of Aviation

    2.7 - Case Analysis: Glenn Curtiss Adeel Azeem Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract Glenn Curtiss, was a one of the pioneer in the field of aviation. He achieved remarkable accomplishments in his life. He loved the field of mechanic's and started as an engine maker for bicycle but his passion was so high that he became an aircraft maker. Curtiss, was the man, who took first officially documented flight. At the time when nobody was ready to take a flight from Albany to Manhattan,…

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  • The Wright Brothers: The Inventions That Shaped America

    David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers, is a detailed description of the process taken by the Wright brothers to develop, test, and fly the world’s first airplane. David is an award winning author who is dedicated to documenting the people, places and events that have shaped America. David believes that the Wright brothers were a major part of the development of America, and he is right. The Wright brothers had a major influence in the development of flying in America. The Wright brothers were…

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  • Andrea Barbaro Analysis

    scholars’ viewpoints are explained in Rudolf Wittkower’s Principles of Palladio’s Architecture. Villa Barbaro is one of Palladio’s Villas that relates to harmonic proportions in ways that Rudolf Wittkower explains in his writing. The proportions of a building relate to harmony in music through octaves,…

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  • Mariah Carey Research Paper

    evolving genre, leading it to become the backbone of current popular music. Here are 10 of the top RnB singers of all time. Number Ten: Mariah Carey Known for her ability to hit ear-piercingly high notes, Mariah Carey’s nearly five-octave vocal range has made her a household name when it comes to RnB. Crossing over into pop music with her first hits in the mid-1990s, she has been able to maintain her high profile career for more than two decades. Number Nine: Whitney Houston Whitney Houston has…

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  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sonnet 7 Analysis

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Sonnet XI and XXXIV Analysis Sonnets XIV and XXXIV by Elizabeth Barrett Browning are clear examples of Italian sonnets through their utilizing of Italian rhyme scheme and content breaks of octaves followed by sestets. Although heavy usage of enjambment blurs the distinctions in some cases, the shifts in subject focus assist in clarifying the octave - sestet separations. For example, Sonnet XIV is broken into clear octave - sestet structure with the beginning octave…

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  • A Thematic Analysis Of The Speaker's Poem

    The speaker starts the octave with a strong diction of “son-of-a-bitch” (Line 1) to immediately set the intense hatred he feels against the Cottonmouth snake. As he attempts to kill the snake with his car, the speaker witnesses it slithering into a ditch. The carrier’s hatred is reciprocated as the snake hisses upon locating the carrier. The violent nature of the carrier is exemplified as he shoots the snake twice despite the fact that the snake most likely died within the first shot. Within…

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