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  • Analysis Of Keiler's Logical Fallacies In Music

    model may be more acceptable than Bernstein’s. I now will explore a connection between Schenker and Bernstein that may be correct, and Keiler’s views on both of their perspectives. Schenker uses the idea of a background structure that is transformed to create a foreground, or surface structure. He bases this progression off of a natural life order, claiming this “inner law of origin accompanies all development”, be it a person, a group, or any life (Schenker, 3). All these things progress from origin to development to the present, hence, background, middleground, and foreground. In “Syntax of Prolongation”, Keiler draws ties between Schenker’s theoretical structure and linguistics’ deep versus surface structure (Keiler, 6). He describes Schenker’s Ursatz as abstract, made pronouncable through elaborations. Keiler made a similar comparison in his critique of Bernstein, when he clarified the distinction between deep and surface structure that underlies syntactic analysis. Keiler walks through a linguistic example where he presents two apparently similar surface structures whose inherent difference is explained in their deep structures. Thus, Keiler supports Schenker’s background to foreground theory with a similar movement between deep structures to surface structures in linguistics. He then applies this process to more than just syntax—Keiler outlines a similar motion in the phonological aspect of language. Keiler writes that the phonological component is interpretive. It…

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  • Compare And Contrast House And Farnsworth House

    In both the Eames and Farnsworth houses, their forms are a direct result of the function of the structures. As well, they are both built with repetitive conditions and similar materials. Dissimilarly, they relate to their surroundings in different ways, and though Mies and the Eames’ built their houses using similar materials, the way in which they used the materials in their structures differs. And tectonics and material expression prove to still be relevant in Be Baumschlager Eberle’s…

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  • Structural Dimension Of Public Management

    In Chapter Five: “Public Management: The Structural Dimension” (pp.137-190) of Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach, Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill (2009) have gone deep into the understanding of the structural dimension of public management. The most prominent topics in relation to the focus of the book that have been discussed in this chapter include the section of defining the concept of structure. There is also a topic on evolution of the structural perspective that focuses on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Community-Based Research Scholar

    from the lab’s introduction provided me with the beginnings of insight into the areas of distress within my community and their deep roots in history. Furthermore, the knowledge of higher social structures provided me with insight into the role of diversity, inclusion, power, and privilege that affect my community. The lab’s focus on community based learning therefore provided me with the knowledge to most affectively address such issues as a Community-Based Research Scholar. One of the most…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge In Global Organizations And Management

    This entry culminates a set of posts regarding the vast knowledge we have acquired in global organizations and management. Since the beginning of this course we have been able to learn about several organizations and their different ups and downs in order to achieve a global expansion. It is truly a journey for each organization to understand what can truly help themselves to achieve such objective. Across many cases we have learned about many events that have taken place in each organization…

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  • Type Of Archetype In Organization

    This type of organization is very bureaucratic. The major difference between this type of archetype and the machine bureaucracy archetype is that professional bureaucracy organizations depend on professionals who are highly trained and who demand control of their own work. The Professional bureaucracy archetype is found in organizations such as the hospital industry, law firms and universities. These organizations are very complex and contain a lot of regulations and procedures, which results…

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  • Structure And Culture To Achieve Job Performance And Satisfaction Case Study

    Structure and Culture to Achieve Job Performance and Satisfaction When a person is looking to make a change in employment, they look at where their expertise or domain of knowledge can be utilized while gaining to better himself or herself. In that quest, I believe that there are two key deciding factors, how a prospective company is structured and the manner in which the employees interact and perform their work together. When these two factors are satisfied, then the employee will…

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  • The Spread Of Culture Around The World

    through acknowledging their culture, all aspects of culture. They learn about their country’s culture and the architectural styles used in the famous buildings and monuments in their country. Education received in their own country affects how architects thinks about building a physical structure, the structure will have a representation of their culture through different variations, maybe a building or spiritual place. Architects will use their knowledge of designing and building a structure in…

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  • Energy Absorption In Lattice Structures In Dynamics Case Study

    “Explain how the work of [Energy absorption in lattice structures in dynamics ] has enhanced our understanding of Structural Engineering with respect to the work that preceded it, and how this research should be developed further in the future.” Nowadays, cellular materials are well-known in the world, however, the relationship between dynamic load and the deformation of the lattice structure is less well-studied. Actually, lattice structures can help engineer to produce macro-scale material…

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  • Structural Family Therapy Case Summary

    enmeshed relationship between parents and children, and having the close relationship between primary couple. AF has enmeshed relationship with her entire family as well. The structural therapist would more focus on how the quality of relationship affects power structure. Hierarchy is one of the most important considerations for working with the family and in this case, AF is the one who is more involved with children’s lives and problematic, while AM is less involved with them. Hierarchy…

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