Harmonic series

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  • Analysis Of Keiler's Logical Fallacies In Music

    Bernstein’s claims of the harmonic series as basis for all music. He writes that even the “simple diatonic scale requires…gross adjustment” (Keiler, 208). This is indeed true, with the fourth being 29 cents flat, the third 14 cents flat, and the seventh 12 cents flat (as compared to equal temperament tuning). Keiler also says the diatonic scale reaches into the outermost limits of the harmonic series. This is again factual, since the major seventh doesn’t appear until the 15th harmonic, and the minor third appears as the 19th harmonic. The fourth is the 21st harmonic, which pushes Bernstein’s claims to an even more ludicrous position. As Keiler suggests, it may be absurd to attribute the entire diatonic scale to overtones, especially considering a simple fourth as the 21st harmonic that is 29 cents flat.…

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  • Analysis Of Frequency

    The proposed approach was implemented, tested and validated for SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques, including the over-modulation region. The proposed switching frequency variation strategy was able to reduce switching losses up to 20% over the conventional constant switching frequency SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques. This strategy also spreads peaky harmonic spectrum of the output waveform which may help in reducing acoustic noise, however, consequent introduction of lower frequency harmonics in the…

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  • Saul Bass: Graphic Designer

    The arm was distorted and had a series of rectangular shapes to form the arm, which bass considered to represent drug addiction. Preminger however disagreed with Bass over which animated sequence with the arm looked the best. Bass argued that “the sequence fell flat without animation” but Preminger disagreed. The official compromise was “staccato-like movements as the arm segments maneuvered through the visual progression”. After this compromise, the sequence went down as a classic in American…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

    I have worked as a Team Leader in a call center, customer service environment from 2002 to now. As a Team Leader, I am responsible for managing a team of 17-23 phones specialists and supporting the department issues, should any arise day to day. I field questions and help solve issues for specialists regarding customer interactions, employee relations, and development goals. The three aspects of my role that I enjoy most are developing people to realize their full potential and achieve…

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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    piece in ABC’B’A’ form and opens the piece with a melody built on a c# minor double harmonic scale, also known as the Arabic scale, featuring two augmented seconds between 2 ̂ and 3 ̂, 6 ̂ and 7 ̂. The dotted rhythm acting as accompaniment evokes a Spanish habanera dance and proves itself to be rhythmically fluid, featuring shifts in tempo. The dotted rhythm acting as accompaniment evokes a Spanish habanera dance and proves itself to be rhythmically…

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  • Clutch In Sports

    In the 2004 American League Championship Series, the Boston Red Sox faced off against their most hated rivals, the New York Yankees. The Red Sox were already in the midst of an 86-year World Series drought known as “The Curse of the Bambino.” 2004 was the closest Boston had come to winning a World Series title since the infamous Bill Buckner error in 1986. Red Sox fans had believed all year long that this was THE year. However, after being down 3 games to none in the series, the Red Sox faced…

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  • Black Sox Trial Essay

    Baseball during this time period was a newer addition to the American culture. It became called “America’s Pastime,” the game itself was played by everyone, young and old. It was a shock to the American society to find that eight of the 1919 Black Sox players were suspects of accepting money from gamblers to throw the World Series away. It is considered today as one of the biggest scandals in Major League Baseball history, along with the Pete Rose cheating scandal. As for the trial, some parts…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Impact On The Civil Rights Movement

    at some point in the future. His first game with the Royals was in New Jersey in 1946. Although he was playing for the visiting team, he received a surprisingly positive welcome from the crowd. His incredible talent was recognized by many, but appreciated by far fewer. New Jersey was one of the very few places that welcomed the Royals in such a positive way, especially considering there was another African American player on the team aside from Jackie: John Wright. Although his first season…

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  • Rock Bottom Speech

    Rock Bottom I always say whenever I am in trouble I think that I am in “rock bottom”. Like when I have a bad grade, have a bad day at work, or when I get upset at my parents, I want to relate myself to rock bottom. But, if I look at my position from a different view, I should be lucky I have the Tennessee Promise scholarship to keep me in school, I should be happy that I am employed, and I should be blessed enough to have parents to even become upset about. I realize those little hardships is…

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  • Father Returning Home Poem

    Dilip Chitre creates a stark impression of the isolation of old age in his poem ‘Father Returning Home’ by showing his fathers’ estrangement from society and his own family. Chitre conveys this isolation by using literary devices such as similes and repetition, and addressing themes such as modernity vs tradition. The poem begins when a father is waiting outside for a train which will take him home. We know this as it says ‘My father travels on the late evening train’. Already by labelling the…

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