Harmony Society

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  • Narrative Essay: Lost In Paradise

    “I don’t ever wanna leave,” I murmured absently. “No. I suppose you wouldn’t.” There was an edge to her voice, as if I’d irritated her. The girl twirled around, her dress flaring up to reveal her white underwear. Unembarrassed in only the way that children have, she kept spinning. Turning and turning and turning, seemingly never getting dizzy. Her pigtails whipped about, weapons in their own right. “I know where Harmony is,” came her voice, pitch rising and falling as she turned. “I know where they’re keeping her.” She stopped, finally, not even breathing fast. “Would you like to know?” Harmony. What a nice name. Yes. Very nice indeed. “Sterling?” “Yes?” The girl stepped toward me, planting her feet just above the top of my head. She bent over, staring down at me, her features upside down. And boy, wasn’t that funny? I grinned goofily, wondering if the girl found my face as funny as I found hers. But I supposed she didn’t, because she only shook her head, looking disappointed for some reason. My grin faded, because while an upside down face was hilarious, there was nothing funny about having someone look disappointed in you. No, nothing funny about that at…

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  • Essay On Sexuality In The Sound And The Fury

    The Fence to Adulthood: Sexuality in The Sound and The Fury Throughout William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, the patriarchal construct of virginity controls women through the creation of fences -- both physical and metaphorical barriers. Traditionally, when a Southern girl reaches adulthood, she is expected to settle down and raise her children, obeying her husband as the family patriarch. These Southern power structures are like fences in that they have traditionally restricted women’s…

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  • The Importance Of Harmony In Society

    displays a line of word. “If human do not cherish the water, the last drop will be their own tears.” Harmony within diversity just like the relationship of water with human being must be nurtured and cherished regardless race, language and religion. Otherwise, mankind will cause untold suffering. Where is harmony? In fact, harmony is on your side. The harmony elf will dress in a cloak to listen when the birds singing on…

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  • High Society Analysis

    “High Society” is a track off of the Free Spirit EP written and recorded by the band Fictionist. The album and corresponding track was written by Stuart Maxfield, Robbie Connolly, Brandon Kitterman, and Aaron Anderson. Free Spirit was released on July 29th, 2016. (Harbour Recordings) This song utilizes a lot of electronic sounds to create an atmosphere of different timbres The introduction to High Society starts with a synthesizer “progression”, of which term I will choose to use loosely,…

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  • Why Is Morality: An Essential To Life

    What is right? How do morals affect people and society in which we live? Does everyone have specific morals by which they try to live their life? How does someone realize what their morals are? What are morals? These questions cannot be truthfully answered because everyone has their own definition of what is right and what is wrong and how one should live their life. My definition of morality is the concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong, which can be seen through…

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  • Analysis Of The Song Mr Sandman

    The Song “Mr Sandman” is a studio recorded folksong that was first recorded by Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra, and later interpreted by The Chordettes. This song is an example of a strophic song, as it has a limited number of melodies that are repeated throughout the song. It is sung by a a female quartet with a secondary accompaniment. The accompaniment consists of clapping, a drum set (membranophone), a bass (membranophone), something that sounds like a synthesizer (electronophone). The…

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  • Chopin's Mazurka In G Minor Analysis

    Fryderyk Chopin composed around fifty-nine mazurkas with only forty-one being published during his lifetime; the remaining compositions remained in manuscript form until being published by his close friend, Julian Fontana, after Chopin’s death. Chopin’s mazurkas are based on the traditional Polish folk dance, the mazur, which are the second part of the three-fold dance routine of the original folk mazurka, also called the “round dance” when all three parts are performed together. The mazur’s…

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  • Song Analysis: Sleep By Eric Whitacre

    Song Analysis Essay: Sleep by Eric Whitacre Eric Whitacre 's famous composition “Sleep” exemplifies a wonderful spin on Robert Frost 's poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” Eric whitacre had originally wrote Robert Frost 's poem to music but couldn 't publish due to copyright claims so in a panic he changed the words in his iconic piece to create “Sleep”. Before "Sleep” was even a concept a Texas woman came to Eric asking him to write a piece in remembrance of her parents…

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  • Ragtime Music Analysis

    Procedures: (all sections consist of clearly stated sequential steps) I. Introduction (The Launch) I will ask the students if they recognize the music that is being played. (The Entertainer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSpoVH0c-Dw I will expect the students to respond with yes that’s the ice cream truck song. I would go on to explain that this song is one of many songs written by Scott Joplin and is part of a music style known as ragtime. II. Central Part of Lesson (sequential instructional…

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  • Orfeo Analysis

    The actually music that was written for the piece was challenging to physically play. Monteverdi gave vast amounts of credit to the heavily trained musicians that played the first public showing of the opera in Mantua, Italy. (D’Epiro 256) In terms of skill, the opera was demanding, but the innovations Monteverdi specifically made to certain instrument sections that were never seen before, were especially noted for their ingenuity. For example, Monteverdi wrote a section in Orfeo where trombones…

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