Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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I have worked as a Team Leader in a call center, customer service environment from 2002 to now. As a Team Leader, I am responsible for managing a team of 17-23 phones specialists and supporting the department issues, should any arise day to day. I field questions and help solve issues for specialists regarding customer interactions, employee relations, and development goals.

The three aspects of my role that I enjoy most are developing people to realize their full potential and achieve personal and career growth, teaching skills that make my people’s work easier and more fun, and learning from all of the interactions I have on a daily basis. All of the learning patterns are required in my role at some point every day I work. At times I need to blend several of the patterns to accomplish 1 goal. Fielding questions and teaching new skills require me to intensify my Precision and use it with my natural, practical, teach style pattern that is Technical Reasoning. Solving problems is definitely something I intensify my Sequence with if it’s a customer issue. I also need to map out and list what has happened to gather enough detail for my proposed resolution or
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I can use my first use patterns in most of the interactions that I have and even when I need to get a plan together for a new initiative or discussion. My company encourages employee ideas and input to improve the operation of the organization on the whole and I’m not afraid to speak up. The only areas that I feel my patterns are not as well suited for my role is the disciplinary portion. I have to tether my Confluence when I am looking at any situation to possibly pursue final warnings and terminations for conduct. While I have strong use in my as needed patterns, Sequence and Precision, my Confluence wants to break the mold and try something that is not scripted and that is typically frowned upon in the type of role that I

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