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  • Chicago Cubs Case Study

    for the Chicago Cubs, who have been on a 108 -year quest to win the World Series. When Epstein was named the new President of Baseball Operations, Cubs fans would stop him on the streets of Chicago delving into conversations such as: “My dad is 87 years old and has been waiting all his life to see the Cubs win a World Series – what should I tell him?” Epstein always had the same reply, “I would say, ‘Tell him to take his vitamins,…

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  • The Curse Of The Billy Goat

    45 states, where women could not vote, where the television and the radio did not exist. It is hard to imagine such a place, but it did exist. It existed 108 years ago when the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series (Cooper). Since then fans have looked near and far for an explanation as to why their beloved team could not win the World Championship. The most common and widely accepted cause for the Cubs’ failure is the Curse of the Billy Goat. Although the Chicago Cubs stunned America by…

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  • Creative Writing: The Cubs Win 1908 World Series

    “ “The Cubs win 1908 World Series!” “Team poised For a Century-Long Dynasty After Second Consecutive World Title.” The headlines read on the morning of Thursday, October 15, 1908. This was the last time Cubs have won the world series. Here is the story of how the curse was broken this year. Two outs, bases loaded,two strikes, it’s all up to little Jimmy Howard. Joe takes a lead off third eyeing the plate. The pitcher winds up then delivers. The ball sailed in the air like it was in slow…

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  • Babe Ruth's Life In The Sports Of Sports

    In 5th inning, after he had already hit one homer, Babe came up to bat. He ran the count to two balls and two strikes ( Schwartz 2) . Before Cubs pitcher Charlie Root hurled the next pitch, amid the heckling of Cubs fans, Babe pointed to the center field bleachers. Then he slammed what is believed to be the longest home run ever hit out of Wrigley Field, right above where he pointed ( Schwartz 2). Babe Ruth was so popular that even the USA’s enemies new him (Schwartz 2). This is the man who…

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  • Team Cohesion Analysis

    Another way team sports bring about the paradox of being linked but separate is with their fans. Looking at professional sports teams people can see the vast fan bases and how connected they are to that team. Even though, in some cases they do not necessarily live in the same city, state, or country. While watching the World Series, I could see how connected some of these fans were and how invested they were into their teams. Even though the Chicago Cubs had not won a world series since 1908,…

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  • Objective Writing In The Workplace

    objective matter such as the size, color, and condition the item is in, John wrote about stories that involved or revolved around the content up for sale. As of this writing, the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball has not only made it to the World Series, they won in the 7th and final game in extra innings, with a rain delay. This year is the first time that the Cubs had won a World Series baseball tournament since 1908, making it 108 years losing streak end. With this event, Chicago Cubs…

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  • Rube Walker Biography

    The 66 year old individual that suffered from lung cancer was once an important component in Major League Baseball. Albert Bluford “Rube” Walker Junior was a Major League Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs in addition to a lifelong minor league and major league coach for several teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Senators, New York Mets, and the Atlanta Braves. Son of Albert and Beulah Walker, the elder brother to Verlon Lee and Leslie Boyce; Rube was another child to carry on their…

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  • Personal Narrative: Holy Shit, I Won The Lottery

    Chapter 1: Prologue Act 1: Holy Shit, I Won the lottery! "Hey dude, it looks like you've won the lottery." "Really? How much the prize?" "Hmm...About 10 Billion bucks." "Holy shit. I need to collect this shit." I immediately grabbed the lottery ticket from the store clerk and ran to the nearby bank. My brain is already filled with things I should buy. Ferrari's. Yachts. Diamonds. Diamond Yachts. Shit, that'll be awesome. I shout "I won the fucking lottery!" inside the bank hysterically.…

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  • Reaction Paper About Leaving Cuba

    Playing in the MLB is a dream that many kids have. Not just in America but around the world. As a Cuban born child Brayan Pena dream about playing in the major leagues. But being from Cuba getting to America was just as hard as getting to the major leagues. In 1999 when Pena was playing for the Cuban National team at 16 years old his friend approached him and told him that he had an opportunity for him to leave Cuba. So at 16 years old with no money and just the clothes on his back Pena…

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  • Reverse Clause Case Study

    Throughout the history of baseball, the baseball players and their owners have found themselves in many disputes over money and working conditions. For instance, at the beginning of 1876 baseball players found themselves at the beginning of what could be considered a monopoly; where the owner’s controlled baseball for a quarter of a century (Baseball, 2010). This was due to William Hulbert and other owner’s creation of the reserve clause. As a result of this clause, baseball player’s salaries…

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