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  • Chicago Public Schools Case Study

    Chicago Public Schools- Coping and Surviving Through Budget Cut The Chicago Public School (CPS) is a body politic and corporate as well as school district of the State of Illinois. CPS are financed through a combination of local, state and federal sources. Over the decade, CPS have been suffering from the budget cuts when the State of Illinois continue to fall behind in making payments to the district. According to the survey conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, total local funding nationally declined between 2008 and 2014, adding to the damage from state funding cuts. For example, in 2016, the district faces a $480 million gap (Senn High school’s News). Consequently, the educational reforms such as improving teaching quality,…

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  • The Chicago Public School System: A Case Study

    Bennett was reported saying that Chicago’s public school system was the worst in the nation. Bennett had been invited to speak on the issue by an organization of business leaders called Chicago United. In the meeting Bennett was quoted saying “if it’s (CPS) not the last, I don’t know who is. There can’t be very many more cities that are worse. Chicago is pretty much it” (Banas). Following the meeting, publications released statements and articles containing the phrase “worst in the nation” and…

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  • Chicago Public School Case Study

    Thank you for affording me the opportunity to review your budget proposal for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). The purpose of this memorandum is to provide information regarding the implementation of a new district-wide budgeting system. As requested, I have assessed the current CPS centralized budgeting system and evaluated the desirability of implementing an equity-driven, student-based planning and budgeting policy, better known as the Weighted Student Formula (WSF). Based on the…

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  • Social Disorganization Theory, Clifford Shaw And Henry Mckay

    The Social disorganization theory was developed by two sociologists, Clifford Shaw and Henry Mckay who were connected to the Chicago School of criminology. Due to the social conflicts afflicting Chicago, Shaw and Mckay examined predominant rates of crime and delinquency. Creators theorized that disorganized communities are affected by poverty in which crime rates and neighborhood ecological characteristics are directly related. Sociologists established social structure theories in their efforts…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Guns Should Be Banned In Chicago

    Chicago is known to be one of the most violent cities to reside in in America. We need help, and we want a dramatic action. Violence is out of control, in some areas of Chicago, and it is happening every day. Gun violence is a very serious problem because no one is safe not even our children. Parents worried about their children safety when they send them to school, hoping they do not become another firearm victim. Chicago residents have placed metal bars in their windows and doors because they…

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  • The Importance Of Excellency Within A Child's Educational Endeavors

    of Chicago sees the importance of educationally equity therefore, HB 4560 was drafted in support of allocating surplus TIF funding to financially distressed school districts. Desperate entities including parents and teachers alike have conjoined efforts to support Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in attaining…

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  • Al Capone Legacy

    Chicago dates back to 1830 and has a great history of violence from the Black Hawk war to the chicago fire all the way to modern times. In the early 1900’s Chicago had an increased amount of crime. That was followed after the Prohibition Act of 1920. Gangsters took the opportunity of the illegal use and distribution of alcohol and created an empire. Al Capone, one of the most notorious crime bosses in history had obtained his fame in this period. With the help of Johnny Torrio he created a…

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  • Postmodernism Architecture

    Chicago is known as the windy city, but most people tend to forget about the architecture fleets that Chicago has accomplished over the decades. In Chicago, people do not get the chance to see buildings that incorporate multiple different styles into a single structure. In class, I got the chance to expand my knowledge on Postmodernism buildings. A Postmodern building tends to have multiple different styles and designs incorporate into one building. The Postmodern concept is like a beautiful…

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  • Jane Addams: The Spirit Of Progressivism

    which was established in eighteen eighty-nine. Hull-House was used primarily by poor Europeans, who immigrated to the Chicago land area. Hull-House had innovative social and educational programs which helped the immigrants grow accustomed to American living. Jane Addams main goal with Hull-House was to try and eliminate problems that were caused by urbanization, immigration, and a corrupt government. In her nonfiction book, “Twenty Years at Hull-House,” Addams talks about her experience at…

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  • Chicago School Of Criminology Essay

    Chicago school of criminology is an institution that stems from the end of the first world war. It began as a section of the post-progressive era social science movement. The school marked the stable institution of sociology in the United States of America. It developed as a result of urbanization and expansion of Chicago and the increase in crime rates. The theorists in the institution focused on the changes occurring in the neighborhood. The main school of thought is on urban sociology, social…

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