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    JRP Fish Chiu The Chicago Outfit and the Government The Roaring 20s was a pivotal point from old world to new. The industrial Revolution widened economic gaps between classes and reflected social issues during the economic depression in the prohibition era, era when the mobsters thrived and dominated the corrupt government. The Chicago Outfit took advantage and control of the corrupt political system in Chicago during the Prohibition Era due to the establishment of the 18th Amendment which illustrated the growing power of mobsters in the roaring 20s. The power of The Chicago Outfit reflected the lack of social harmony and created political controversies that made The Chicago Outfit the definition of Chicago Culture. Big names like Johnny Torrio, Big Jim Colosimo, Tony Accardo, and Al Capone comes to mind when talking about gagsters in the 20s. All of them were leaders in The Outfit, they influenced many different aspect of gang’s presentation, individually, in different time periods. The Outfit, the…

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  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre Research Paper

    Gangs began to make fortunes from the illegal distribution of liquor and other associated acts. This only led to territorial disputes and shifting alliances over attempts to take control by numerous ambiguous gang leaders ("FEB" 1). By the year 1924, a storm of violence between the Italian-Sicilian mob led by Al Capone and the Irish-Jewish mob led by Dion O'Banion. O'Banion was later shot dead by four people in his flower shop on North State Street (1). At O'Banion's funeral, he received a…

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  • Al Capone: A Famous American Gangster

    The Life of Scarface Al Capone was a very famous American gangster. He gained his fame during the prohibition era and to this day he is still famous. He never really did have good schooling as a child, but he ended up having a multi-million dollar business in crime. Throughout his life in crime, he did many illegal things and only ended up going to jail a few times. Al Capone was a gangster “murdered his was to the top of the Chicago mafia before being sent to Alcatraz” and that was one of the…

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  • Alphonse 'Scarface' Capone: Gangster

    family. He worked as a bookkeeper for a few years until his father died in 1920. Shortly after, he began talking with Johnny once again who convinced him to move to Chicago where he was running a successful gambling and prostitution operation. The money involved intrigued Al and he began working for Johnny. With a growing reputation came the attention of many media outlets and his name quickly spread throughout the state and even the country. This was a growing concern for Al as well as the…

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  • How Did Al Capone Contribute To Crime

    was the child of Italian immigrants. Capone’s mother and father met in Italy before he was born. After they were married, they decided they could find a better life in America; as many immigrants did during this time period. When they arrived in America with four of Capone’s older siblings, they had no money but worked hard. When Capone was born, he was born into a respected poor working class immigrant family; nobody could have known he would become an infamous American criminal. In fact, when…

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  • Al Capone: Joining The Bootlegging Industry

    III. It was a long way for Capone to join the bootlegging industry, and to gain the power he did. From a young age, Alphonse Capone started engaging in illegal activities. He only went to school until he was about 13 years old and dropped out of sixth grade after hitting his teacher. He then joined a famous gang owned by Johnny Torrio, the same man who later employed him in Chicago. The gang was known as the Five Points Gang They committed petty crimes such as stealing, but nothing as serious…

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  • Who Is Victor Lustig: Hero Or Fool?

    into one of his first troubles, which was that he flirted with the wife of a man whom “he was beating at poker” (Pizzoli 3). As a result, the man cut his face which caused a visible scar to form on Lustig’s face. After playing gambling and poker tricks on people, Lustig decided to take someone’s money in a rather artistic way. He decided to play a new trick on “Chicago mobster” Al Capone, “the most notorious of all criminals” (Pizzoli 7). He borrowed $50,000 from Capone and promised to return…

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  • Capone's Arguments Of Gang Crime

    Chicago is home to two major things: big pizza and big traffic. When Capone was active in it though, it was known for a third thing, big amounts of gang crime! Capone is one of the recognized figures of gangland history. Throughout the early 1900s, he managed to run an entire crime syndicate and never got caught doing it. This was because Capone knew how to operate without getting his hands dirty, which can be found in how he operated himself, how he operated using the legal system, how he…

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  • Engagement Photos Importance

    You should consider wearing outfits that you are comfortable in. This will actually go a long way in accentuating your style and personality. You can opt to wear jeans or a t-shirt and so on. Some people like wearing make-ups during ceremonies. If you would like to wear makeup during your wedding day, you should coordinate a trial with your makeup artist. The most important thing during this session is to be yourself and confident. 3. Be comfortable. It is important that you be comfortable…

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  • Why Is Pablo Escobar Important

    Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, born on December 1,1949 to a lower middle-class family was a powerful Colombian drug lord and leader of one of the powerful criminal organization. At his zenith in the 80s', he ran and controlled a vast empire of drugs that covered the globe. He is responsible for hundred's of murder and presided over an empire of luxury mansions, planes, his own private zoo and a personal army comprising of soldiers and hardened criminals. Here are 15 facts about Pablo Escobar, a…

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