Rube Walker Biography

The 66 year old individual that suffered from lung cancer was once an important component in Major League Baseball. Albert Bluford “Rube” Walker Junior was a Major League Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs in addition to a lifelong minor league and major league coach for several teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Senators, New York Mets, and the Atlanta Braves. Son of Albert and Beulah Walker, the elder brother to Verlon Lee and Leslie Boyce; Rube was another child to carry on their dad’s past of being a semipro catcher in his younger days. From the time Rube was a young child they could see potential of him becoming a substantial baseball player. Throughout the rookie year of his career of playing baseball, the games and batting average were record highs. After retiring Rube became a baseball coach, which lead him to being titled player-manager of Houston of the American Association and to him constructing “Walker’s Law” and the five-man rotation.
Born May 16th, 1926 in Lenoir his family wasn’t well off. His father would bring home string every day from his job and wrap it around a golf ball until it was the size of a baseball so the children would have baseballs to play with. Despite not having a legit, so to speak, baseball to play with Rube Walker showed potential in his childhood. Growing up a hardworking individual; he grew up working on his family’s farm in order to support the family. Playing baseball
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His dedication and creation of “Walker’s Law” and the five-man rotation is what brought Walker to coaching a winning team for the World Series. However, no athlete is perfect and it is shown by facts and statistics that even Albert “Rube” Walker faltered some seasons and excelled in others. There is a great lesson to be learned that through trials and tribulations you will eventually succeed in what you want to

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