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  • Social Exchange Theory And Rewards

    costs from rewards. If the reward outweighs the cost, then the relationship is considered positive and will most likely endure. However, if the calculations yield a negative number, it is probable that the relationship will cease. Sounds a little too simple, right? While the basic formula was given above, deeper examination of the Social Exchange Theory proves to be a little more complicated. In 2007 the Journal of Management published an article further discussing the SET theory. The article states that social exchange includes “both a notion of a relationship, and some notion of shared obligation in which both parties perceive responsibilities to each other” (Lavelle, Rupp, & Brockner). Exchange theorists John Thibaut and Harold Kelley argue that individuals look at two types of comparisons when determining whether to stay or leave a relationship. The first type is known as the comparison level. The comparison level (CL) is a standard representation of what a person feels a relationship should be like. The second standard of comparison is labeled comparison level for alternatives (Clalt). Comparison level for alternatives defines the lowest level of reward an individual is willing to accept while remaining in the relationship. “CLalt provides a measure of stability rather than satisfaction” (West, Turner p. 171). Relative Value of Outcome, CL, CLalt State of the Relationship Outcome > Cl > CLalt Satisfying and stable Outcome > CLalt > CL…

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  • The Social Exchange Theory In Interpersonal Communication

    chosen or not chosen to maintain the relationships in my life. This paper will explain Social Exchange Theory and how it is pertinent to how we apprehend our own decisions to continue the personal relationships in our lives. I will begin by thoroughly summarizing the theory in general. I will also identify the key contributions and criticisms of this theory. Next, I will present key practical applications for SET and how ideas from this theory can offer guidance to help improve an individual’s…

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  • The Social Exchange Theory

    To evaluate my friendship with Jeremy, I have chosen the Social Exchange Theory to represent our situation. The authors of the Social Exchange Theory are Kelley and Thibaut. The premise of the Social Exchange Theory, is that we as people, “like relationships with persons who are rewarding and avoid those that are unreasonably costly; people evaluate their relationships with others in terms of the outcome” (Lee, 2016). According to Heath & Bryant (2000), “Social exchange theory features a process…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Jurassic Park

    In the genre of science fiction, authors and directors create new worlds of fantastic possibilities. Some of these worlds take place in our future, theorizing about things that are to come, while others take us to galaxies far, far away. Regardless of where or when the story takes place, particular conventions are always certain. One such convention is that when a new technology is central to the plot, the technology will cause harm. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan demonstrates this through the…

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  • Jane Addams's The Subjective Necessity For Social Settlements

    In her speech, “The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements” describes that young people have no way to change the social maladjustment in society. As Christians, the workers have a genuine desire to help the poor (Presentation,10/5). The actions and activities held at the house benefitted Addams and her colleagues. Her colleagues, Alzina Stevens and Florence Kelley benefited from the settlement house in certain career fields. Alzina Stevens became the first probation officer of the Juvenile…

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  • A Servant Of Two Masters Analysis

    On November 22nd , 2015 , I had attended a play “A servant of Two masters” that played downtown Pittsburgh at the O’Reilly theater, the play was directed by Ted Pappas. He had put together a creative and intriguing play, having actors stay spontaneous and interact with the audience, therefore no parts would be found boring nor dry. All the actors had held up their end of their roles quite well, by fully disguising themselves as that character they were suppose to be during the entire play. …

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  • The Importance Of Communication Research

    Jan Servaes (City University of Hong Kong) and Jim Anderson (University of Utah) have circulated a CFP seeking to address an apparent crisis in communication research. Aiming to publish in The International Communication GAZETTE, the crisis is rhetorically predicated upon questions such as “What has the communication discipline contributed to the social sciences? What has been its impact on policy and social change?” Citing, amongst other, the apparent lack of distinctive disciplinary problems,…

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  • The Panther Poem Analysis

    The Animalization in The Metamorphosis Including Feelings of Isolation and Powerlessness in Comparison to “The Panther” The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, tells the story about a man’s transformation into a bug. Through his journey in his new life as a bug, he experiences many emotions such as isolation and powerlessness. His family is frightened and disgusted with him and he must learn how to adapt to his new life. “The Panther”, by Rainer Rilke, also displays feelings of isolation and…

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  • The Homecoming Analysis

    On the surface, The Homecoming and Mud are vastly different plays based their overall diverging themes. The Homecoming deals with power dynamics of family members, family values, and female control. Mud, on the other hand, focuses on the power dynamics between three individuals, the fear of loneliness, and escape from monotony. The endings of both plays contain different sensations, as one has a creepy ambiance, while the other leaves a depressing and tragic outlook on life. However, they both…

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  • Postmodernism Architecture

    atrium”. (219). The main idea is to spread a lot of natural light into the building and create a beautiful open space. The steel structure can help to create a unique design and spread patterns across the ceiling. There were many ideas incorporate into the Library from the White City to the Modern concept. Before The Harold Washington Library was built. Chicago decided to hold a design competition. “In 1988 a city-appointed jury of eleven people awarded the design of Chicago’s new main…

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