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  • Western Influence On Jewish Culture

    What the Visigoths did not know, was that Spain was already a mixed culture with a very large Jewish community. When the Visigoths converted to Roman Christianity, they began to harass and antagonize the Jewish community. While the Visigoths were persecuting the Jews, a new religion known as Islam, was born that united Arabic tribes, such as the Berbers. These Arabic tribes would crossover into the Strait of Gibraltar and defeat the Visigoth King of Spain. To help them in their conquest of the peninsula, the Jews welcomed Muslims leaders. These Muslims would conquer most of Iberia and called their new land al-Andalus. In the end, these wars and rebellions that took place after the fall of Roman contributed to the integration of Islamic Spain by mixing the religions of Christianity, Islamic, and Jewish cultures together. After Abd al-Rahman…

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  • Intellectualism In The Late 19th Century

    This new surge of intellectualism was matched by economic developments that led al-Andalus–and the dhimmi–to new heights. While other dhimmi took advantage of cultural and social opportunities, still countless others became active participants and leaders in economy. Earlier, it had been mentioned that the dhimmi were considered second class citizens, which can also be translated to an urban middle class that had access to multiple professional and administrative careers. They collaborated…

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  • Great Mosque Of Cordoba Essay

    His use of a hypostyle mosque plan accommodated for both functions of the mosque. The original mosque measured seventy-four square meters, with “the prayer hall roof supported by columns sustaining ten arcades of twelve bays each, including a central aisle that [was] very slightly wider than the others and distinguished by red column shape.” The incorporation of varying column styles reflected the cultural history of al-Andalus. Many of the capitals recycled for use in the mosque were remnants…

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  • Religion In Medieval Spain

    write poetry in Hebrew and include parts of their own scripture within the writing style. Jews would tend to have Muslim teachers, because once they overtook the Visigoths, Jews had to learn Arabic to communicate to the community. Christians, however, typically did not contribute much intellect until after the medieval period. Solely, because they believed science to minimize God’s importance and their faith to their religion. Arabic had a strong influence on Medieval Spain. Mozarabs, which were…

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  • Spanish Unity In Spain

    race of Christians were unfounded. As declared by the Christian martyr Eulogius, “The blessed martyr Eulogius answered him smiling: ‘If only you could know what things are laid up for those of our faith! Or I could place in your breast what I possess in my own; […] but even more gladly would you yourself think of giving up your worldly position” the theological debate sometimes boils down to an executioner and a martyr stating whose religion is better (The Martyrs of Cordoba, 65). With regards…

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  • Islamic Empire Motivation

    The battle al-Yarmuk, Heraclius gathered Greeks, Syrians, Mesopotamians and Armenians numbering about 200,000 men, the Muslims had gathered about 24,000 men from the Lakhm, the Judham, and other tribes. About 70,000 of the 200,000 men were killed by the Muslims and the remaining forces fled from al-Yarmuk to Palestine, Antioch, Aleppo, Mesopotamia, and Armenia. These battles provides a clear view of the military power of the Islamic Empire. The main motivation for the Islamic Empire 's military…

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  • The Spanish Alhambra

    The Alhambra, translating to “the red” in the Arabic language represents the shade of red the palace reflects when the sun is setting for the day. The palace is located in Granada, Spain and it is the most recognized architectural piece of Islamic art. The red castle has been the symbol of the city for nearly 800 years. The Alhambra was constructed during the 13th and 14th century on its red hill-top during the ruling of Ibn al-Ahmar (Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). It was last…

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  • The Impact Of Commerce And Technology On Islamic Civilization

    The entire world was impacted with the Islamic civilization. Areas of commerce, technology, medicine, navigation, astronomy, and other scientific areas were touched by the hand of new discoveries brought forth by the learning centers of the Islamic world. The Islamic caliphates had an economy that was flourishing due to the established trade routes. The procession of people trading through the region also spawned the development of technologies, ideas, and spread the religion of Islam across…

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  • How Did Islamic Culture Influence Western Civilization

    "Arabic became the almost universal language of arts, sciences and letters between 750 and 1250," explains Arthur Goldschmidt, Jr., in his book "A Concise History of the Middle East." A long list of Arabic words entered Western languages at this time, and were part of both scientific and philosophical lexicons, and the language of trade and commerce. They include: al-kuhl (alcohol), al-miral (admiral), sukkar (sugar) and qahwah (coffee). Arabic's prominent use in Muslim Spain caused…

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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    The exoticization of Spain present in Debussy’s La soire ́e dans Grenade recognizes and incorporates the native sounds and rhythms of Spain with an emphasis of importing Andalusian classical music. With La soire ́e dans Grenade, Debussy tries to paint a picture of exotic Spain for Western audiences by drawing influence from increase cultural attention of Iberian Andalusi (Islamic) heritage present in Granada. Interest in Iberian Andalusi tradition began with the publication of Antigüedades árabes…

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