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  • Thousand And One Nights: The Story Of Aladdin

    Aladdin In the 1992 production of Aladdin, a street boy runs into a magic lamp, and transforms into a prince so he can win the heart of the princess of Agrabah. Walt Disney studios collaborated with Ron Clements and John Musker who were both the directors and producers, to create the hour and thirty-minute production (“Aladdin”). Some of the featured players are Scott Weinger as Aladdin, Robin Williams as the Genie, and Linda Larkin as Princess Jasmine. The story of Aladdin is derived from the Thousand and One Nights, which is a large collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled during the Islamic Golden Age. There is not a ‘based on the book’ statement; however it follows some of the original plot. In the Disney production of Aladdin,…

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  • Walt Disney Informative Speech

    Snow White takes one back to a time in childhood where kindness was exhibited by many, and every little girl was "the fairest of them all."Before their time on Broadway, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin stole the hearts of many children who had a love for Disney (much like Aladdin steals loaves of bread), and millions of hearts are still being stolen today. One can remember being introduced to magic, standing up for what one believes in, and love, with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. This duo really…

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  • Sexism In The Little Mermaid

    Emily Gregson, SOCI 1101/13, Feature Film Analysis The movie I choose is The Little Mermaid, it was released on November 15th, 1989. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions in the United States and was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. OVERVIEW/RELEVANCE OF THE FEATURE FILM The movie was based off of a Danish story written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. The writers, like in many other animated Disney movies, wanted to take a fun twist on what was originally a very dark fairy…

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  • Aladdin And The Devil Analysis

    supernatural creatures. The Jinn are depicted as beings that grant wishes as the Disney’s version of Aladdin. In these accounts, the Jinn tricked humans and acted in a superficial matter. In a contrasting view, literature in the East represents the Jinn as frightful and sinister due to the Islamic religious beliefs. The divergent representation of the Jinn between Burton and Mahfouz asserts Said’s claims of personal dimension. The Islamic religion is the second most important religion in the…

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  • Examples Of Propaganda In Disney Movies

    without us realising it. Doesn’t it sounds a bit like brainwashing? That is essentially what propaganda is, to sell an idea to a targeted group of people. One place you would never expect to find propaganda is in Disney films. Disney is a world famous film making company founded by film maker and producer, Walt Disney. The reason we don't expect it is because Disney is well renowned for being suitable for families and people of all ages. However, for the same reason it is also the perfect…

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  • Sakuntala And The Little Mermaid Comparison

    In life, special circumstances let you see the truth. It eradicates obstacles and strengthens desires for comfort. It allows you to forgive unforgivable actions done towards you. Circumstances such as a feud or hate could cause many options for the person to decide his or her destiny but the one that can be humble and wise is the one that gets the better end of the stick. The Little Mermaid was revised to capture the minds of young children and show them that different circumstances are terrible…

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  • Stereotypes In Disney's Aladdin

    This movie presents the “bad” guys as mostly having accents of some sort, or very harsh voices. The “good” guys tended to have very American accents, and in the genie’s case, very American impressions. The “good” guys in Aladdin had very western manners of speaking and even the main character, Aladdin, began to use “Al” as his name. This was a very Western name. These stereotypes can have negative effects in that what we know, American culture, is portrayed as good. The “other” culture is…

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  • Comparing Aladdin And The Jinnee Myth

    Aladdin and F&J Essay The Jinnee is a myth that we have all heard about. We have all seen the movie Aladdin as well. Most of us probably have not heard about the story of the fisherman and the Jinnee. Well there is a big difference in both of these stories on how both of the Jennies are portrayed. One is a kids movie on one hand but the other is not so much a kid’s story but more or less a story for students in higher grades. The Jinnee is evil in one of these stories but we won’t spoil it for…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Disney Movies

    saved Simba from a stampede that Scar started and was climbing a rock to get to safety, when he slipped and called for Scar to help him up, and ultimately, died from Scar’s treachery. B. Deceit and revenge 1. Scar deceives Simba by telling him that it was his own fault that his father died. a. By deceiving Simba and causing him to run away, Scar knew that he could become the king. 2. As Simba grows up and encounters his childhood friend, Njala, he finds out that Scar has deceived his family and…

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  • Hermione Granger Personality

    People never expect to have a happy ever after but for some reason we are able to connect and desire the lives the characters have. Fictional characters tend to have a connection with their audience because the writer always seems to make characters very relatable even if their lives are far fetched.The three fictional characters that most represent my personality are Hermione Granger from Harry Potter for the way she always has a sarcastic response when she replies to Harry and Ron, Moana from…

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