Aladdin Movie Analysis

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Aladdin In the 1992 production of Aladdin, a street boy runs into a magic lamp, and transforms into a prince so he can win the heart of the princess of Agrabah. Walt Disney studios collaborated with Ron Clements and John Musker who were both the directors and producers, to create the hour and thirty-minute production (“Aladdin”). Some of the featured players are Scott Weinger as Aladdin, Robin Williams as the Genie, and Linda Larkin as Princess Jasmine. The story of Aladdin is derived from the Thousand and One Nights, which is a large collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled during the Islamic Golden Age. There is not a ‘based on the book’ statement; however it follows some of the original plot. In the Disney production of Aladdin, …show more content…
If they would have included the infidelity, killing, and harshness of the original work, it would not have been appropriate for Disney. The film was for the most part, culturally correct, displaying Arabian architecture such as the magnificent temples with structured domes, common laws including planned marriage and results in breaking the law, and the importance of the marketplace. The entire plot of the movie is focused around Jasmine trying to find a suitor or he will be picked by her father. In today’s society this would not be okay with most of the population. The movie also included many scenes focusing on the marketplaces as they were the main means of shopping in ancient life as well as a huge part of the original plot. These marketplaces somewhat reminded me of the malls or shopping centers we see today in our as well as other countries. Another concept seen in the movie is the common consequence of thieves, which was the chopping of a hand at the wrist. The movie of Aladdin contains many aspects that the common eye will not notice. Throughout the film, Aladdin is portrayed as the typical trickster hero, tricking everyone he comes in contact with for the well-being of him and his friends. He is known for sticking up for those who are in trouble which is still a common trait in our nature.
The movie as well as the original source of Aladdin are both exceptionally great works for different age groups which is why I would recommend both. The movie has great concepts of love and friendship which displays great character traits that are still valued in our current lives. The film is great for a humanities class since it contains elements from Arabian life as well as connects our current country to the ancient

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