Sakuntala And The Little Mermaid Comparison

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In life, special circumstances let you see the truth. It eradicates obstacles and strengthens desires for comfort. It allows you to forgive unforgivable actions done towards you. Circumstances such as a feud or hate could cause many options for the person to decide his or her destiny but the one that can be humble and wise is the one that gets the better end of the stick. The Little Mermaid was revised to capture the minds of young children and show them that different circumstances are terrible in a different level of perception. In the story of Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection there are different types of writing. Some genres include love and comedy. This story was written by Kalidasa, and was an original. In the story love at first …show more content…
In the movie Ariel is a beautiful teenage girl who is stubborn and very curious. She has a lot to learn about patience and wisdom but she is not blind towards good and bad but she is an explorer that wants to see the world. She falls in love with a human and can’t help but to constantly think about him, Ariel ends up coming across Ursula, who is very evil. Ursula has ulterior motives and strikes a bargain with her. Because Ariel was acting independently she thought she had everything under control but she didn’t realize that Ursula would get in the way. The contract that they had between each other was her voice and in exchange for her to be human. Ariel’s friends come to help and save her from Ursula’s …show more content…
Because they were stubborn and hot headed they made the possibility of extreme decisions which allowed them to be or have someone cursed. They are the same because they fall in love with everything around them. Sakantala loved nature, everything within and around she took time to care for, animals and even plants. She took time naming them and giving meaning which showed a strong connection. Ariel was in the sea and in the sea she was loved by all creatures not because she was the princess but because of how kind she was to them all. In the end being patient and humble they had help from outer forces that brought them back their love of their life.
The Little Mermaid film was inspired to write for a younger audience. It was enforced with more love building fantasy and related it more to them because how young children who are in love react irrational. Although they know the consequences they still act because they are in love. Some differences would have to be that the curse put on the characters are in the opposite sex bout still has the same concept considering the fact that they both are the reason and cause for the

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