Little Girls Or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect

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There comes a time in life when parents have to suck it up because their baby is growing up. Usually people would think that the age would be about fifteen, but because of this generation 's television style it makes the kids think that they are supposed to be grown at the age of eight years old. The article talked a lot about how things on the television, in magazines, and on the internet are turning young kids into something they shouldn’t be. Some little kids look up to the ones that are wearing all of the makeup, and other exclusive things. Basically the whole essay talked about how little kids are looking to people who people would think would be a good influence but they aren 't.
In "Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess effect" the author Stephanie Hanes claims that movies on Disney and the characters are not really
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The Disney effect” by getting the attention of the reader giving them the sense of urgency the growing issue is upon us, and to also build trust with reader. At the beginning of the article author Hanes introduces us to the obsession of little girls wanting to meet their prince charming by sitting quietly on the front step. Meeting three-year-old Caiomhe, we are also introduced to her obsession getting in the way of her childhood. Her mom believed that the shift occurred when her daughter had discovered Disney Princesses. “She chose to inquire about the princess marvel, and what she discovered stressed her. She came to trust that the $4 billion Disney Princess domain was the initial step down a way to scarier difficulties, from self-generalization to cyberbullying to unfortunate self-perceptions. Finucane, the mom, who has extensive experience with play treatment, began a blog – ‘Disney Princess Recovery: Bringing Sexy Back for a Full Refund’ – to account her endeavors to break the hold of Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, et al. on her family unit.” (Hanes

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