Brainwashing And Control In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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When our thoughts and actions are controlled by someone or something else, we don’t have the power to think for ourselves or use that power to do anything worth of meaning. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, this way of manipulation is the way of life. The things to gain knowledge and thoughtfulness is in books. They are burned by firemen who are controlled by the government and the students have useless facts and information and the answers given to them so they don’t have the energy or passion to think for themselves. The movie made by Truffaut, Fahrenheit 451, sheds a similar light of the plot. However, there are significant differences in the storyline, such as the characters, brainwashing and control methods , and the punishments …show more content…
So, the government used television that told you meaningless information as a way to have them think that they are comprehending and learning, when really they are being controlled of their intake of information. The children are controlled by being presented with useless facts and questions that give you the answer so you can’t think about what you are saying. They are so exhausted from all the information that was forced into their minds that they won’t think about what they have learned when they arrive to their TVs. The film shows the children reciting multiplication facts on repeat, over and over again, not letting the kids think about what they are saying, but giving them enough useless things to infer that they are thinking. Then, when everyone gets home, they are manipulated by listening to the random facts and information that the tv and radio tells them, which gives them a false sense of being knowledgeable of the world around the them, when really they are being controlled in every way. In the novel, they are manipulated by things called parlor TV walls, which are TVs the size of walls to keep you entertained with mindless banter and talking in life size form. By having books be illegal, they are keeping them away from knowledge and therefore making the citizens stupid, ignorant, and gullible enough to believe anything that the government tells them. They are being influenced not only in the privacy of their homes, but in public places like the subway or train station, where useless information is recited at full volume to fill your head with enough facts to keep your from comprehending what you are being

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