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  • Al-Farabi On The Perfect State Analysis

    In two excerpts from al-Farabi’s work, one from The Attainment of Happiness and the other from Al-Farabi on the Perfect State, he writes about the difference between religion and philosophy as he sees it. He gives a definition of each term which he continues to work with through the rest of both excerpts. From those definitions, al-Farabi writes about the relationship between philosophy and religion, eventually stating that religion is an imitation of philosophy. The definitions of philosophy and religion that he provides are important to the rest of his writing, as his explanation of the relationship between these two terms depends on it. He defines the terms based on how knowledge is gained, first laying out all the possible ways in which a human being might gain knowledge. Al-Farabi states that in order to gain knowledge of an idea, the idea must first be comprehended. This comprehension can arise in only two ways: either by…

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  • Philosophy Of Al-Farabi, The Teacher And The Learner

    AL-Farabi The teacher and the learner: AL-Farabi claims that in order for an individual to become a teacher he must have be of good character, and seeking only the truth. And that none shall be employed except those who are trained in the logical arts. Other characters that should be in a specified teacher are: The mastery of his own art and its rules, the ability to demonstrate all that could be demonstrated, and to guard any distortions that could intrude his art. Al-Farabi is at odds…

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  • Informative Speech About Music Therapy

    Cancer patients, children with disabilities, schizophrenics, and so many more individuals are being positively affected by music therapy. They are seeing significant changes in their everyday lives. Music is a very important aspect of today’s society and studies are showing that Music Therapy can significantly impact mental, physical, and emotional health. I Music has been around for generations and it continues to grow even in today’s society. Without music, most would agree life would be…

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  • Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) By Joseph Stemple Case Study

    Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) by Joseph Stemple Purpose: The Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) was invented by Joseph Stemple. The purpose of VFE is to balance the subsystems of voice production in order to improve and enhance the vocal function of the speakers with normal voices, opera singers, teachers with voice disorders, and elderly men (Stemple et al., 2014). Method: The VFE begins with describing the problem to the patient or showing illustrations using the patient’s own stroboscopic…

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  • Summary: The Benefits Of Music Therapy

    Although therapy has so many varieties and types the emotional benefits are far and wide the benefits of using aesthetics to evaluate any type of art can be difficult, but I believe using any type of art can be beneficial to a person’s spirit. Music therapy is something that I use in my daily life. Music therapy was formally established as a profession in 1950. (Abrams, 2011) Since that time, the practice of music therapy has been conceptualized and defined in a wide variety of ways this spirit…

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  • Alternative Music Therapy

    pain. Vibration has the healing power for treating Parkinson 's disease patients. Using low frequency 30 herts vibration led to improvements in symptoms, including less rigidity. After stimulating for 30 minutes 3 times a week these patients can recall their grandchildren 's names more easily which is unbelievable. For this reason the power of music is also used to help people to recover from surgery and other medical procedures. Listening to music reduces anxiety before surgery and may reduce…

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  • Personal Narrative: Wendy's Story

    “It is amazing how much you have to do to prove you will treat a dog well, and yet anyone can have a baby.” I will never forget those words my mother said to me the day we were finally allowed to bring our Springer Spaniel puppy home. I was twelve at the time, and even then her words had an impact on me. Reading Wendy’s introduction, those words came to me. I felt angry and sad, how could a mother not want her child? How could a mother tell her seven-year-old daughter to leave and find her real…

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  • Appearance And Reality In Elizabethard III And Al Pacino's Richard III

    As times change, values and ideas often change as they are invariably shaped by their context. However, some remain constant throughout time and are universal. The 1592 Shakespearean drama Richard III and Al Pacino 's 1995 docu-drama Looking for Richard [LFR] were written four hundred years apart yet both texts address perpetual values and ideas that are common to both eras. Through a simultaneous study of both texts, the responder is able to understand the influence of context on aspects of the…

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  • The Language Of War Is Killing By Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Analysis

    audience have one thing in common with this article and it the simple fact that war effects everyone either physically, mentally, or emotionally. What the author hopes to achieve by writing this article is to fulfill his argument that what he did was justified and that makes him a hero to his people. He made good points and supported his argument good. Some of his points are agreeable and some others are not. Here’s some background information on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He is a militant held in…

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  • ISIS Crisis

    Europe,”; asserting, “we will conquer Rome, God willing” (“Islamic State lays claim”). If able to conquer Rome, reach the United Kingdom borders, another world power, then its subsequent advance will be the United States borders. The Islamic State is rapidly escalating from Iraq and Syria to the Northern Africa outposts, to Europe, and will dangerously and shortly reach the Americas, similar to Al Qaeda and Taliban. If the United States willingly ignore ISIS’s danger just to avoid an…

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