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  • Osama Bin Laden Letter To America

    extremist terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. Four planes were hijacked by 19 different terrorists, with two of the planes flying into both buildings of the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane flying into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the final plane crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. The attacks followed a growing unrest towards the western world and the USA among groups in the nation of Islam that began in the early 20th century. The terrorist group al-Qaeda organized the…

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  • Muslim Attacks On Terrorism

    November 13, 2015, thousands of Paris residents and tourists were going about their normal day, unaware of the catastrophic attacks that were on the way. At first, Friday, November 13, 2015 was just a normal day in Paris. Now, it is a date no one will forget. However, we cannot forget about the atrocious attacks that took place just days before the attacks in Paris in Beirut, Lebanon. ISIS, an extreme Islamic group, claims responsibility for the devastating attacks that took place in both…

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  • Transnational Terrorism Tactics

    The threat of terrorism has been and will continue to be a growing epidemic on an international scale. As recorded in history as early as the 1st-century AD with the Sicarii Zealots. Consequently the acts of terrorism began to transform drastically with the help of new technology, new ideologies, and a stronger will to cause disorder having an impact on the modern world both globally and locally. With the use of transnational terrorism tactics in a post-9/11 world, countries like the United…

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  • Summary Of Terrorism In The 20th Century

    evolved from the method in which terrorist related attack were delivered prior to and on 9/11. Terrorism networks now rely more on technology, self-radicalization and decentralization in reaching their objectives. For instance, during the War in Iraq, al Qaeda used intermediaries to spread its propaganda. ISIS has taken social networking to an entirely different level as a recruiting method and for soliciting contributions. They have exploited the use of Twitter and social networking in…

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  • Syrian Immigrants

    A New Place To Call Home Since the founding of the United States, immigration has been a government concern. The United States has had immigrants from various parts of the world, ranging from Hungary to Cuba (Singh). Now the United States appears to be taking in a significant amount of Syrians immigrants. This has caused a lot of conflict within our government and on the streets. Because of the unrest in the Middle East and shaky relations between the United States and that region, these…

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  • Korean Air Flight 801 Essay

    I. Introduction This investigation focuses on the accident that Korean Air Flight 801 met on August 5, 1997 on Nimitz Hill in Asan, Guam. The fatal accident involves issues on Guam Airport’s differences from other airports and the misguidance of the destination airport’s operations. The pilots did not base their tasks on the airport’s systems, they based it on their knowledge and on what they were used to. The cockpit crew’s incorrect decision, miscalculation, and reliance to wrong information…

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  • Theoretical Explanations Of War Analysis

    Theoretical issues centered around the phenomenon of conflict and war seek to explain an important part of international relations. This is reinforced through Vasquez’s acknowledgement that “Despite claims that interstate war is on the wane, it is still a very serious social problem” (2012, 301). These explanations will be explored through an analysis on the concepts of the security dilemma, deterrence, and alliances. Such issues are not solely rooted in any one IR theory. Therefore, the second…

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  • Entebbe Raid Analysis

    On the 8th of July 1976, the decision was made by Israel that the only solution to the hostage situation of their citizens at Entebbe, was to raid the airport as a rescue mission. The Entebbe raid was justified as the hostage’s lives were in extreme danger and with the terrorist’s ultimatum drawing nearer, there seemed to be little other option. There were those, however, that tend to disagree and believe that there could have been another solution. The United Nations saw the raid as the…

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  • Who Was Responsible For Julius Caesar's Death

    Julius Caesar’s Death Is it okay to assassinate someone? World leaders have to face this decision every day. There have been some awful rulers around the world, but it is impossible to kill someone without there being consequences. When the U.S. decided to kill Saddam Husain, it caused chaos in Iraq which is still going on today. The same thing happened when the conspirators killed Julius Caesar. They rushed into it and didn’t think about the things that would follow after murdering him. Caesar…

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  • Yasser Arafat Biography

    Palestinian cause all his life up to his death on November 11, 2004. Yasser Arafat lost his mother at age 5 and lived with his uncle in Jerusalem for most of his growing up years. His original name was Mohamed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa Al-Husseini. He later moved back to his birthplace, Cairo, and studied engineering at the University of Cairo where people began to call him just Yasser meaning…

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