ISIS Goals

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Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck, and now it will forever be attached to ISIS’ violent attack on Paris, France. This is not ISIS’ only violent attack which leads to the question, to what extreme is ISIS willing to go to reach their goals? ISIS is known to use tactics such as violence such as beheading or seizing control of towns which creates a shock value to assure to reach their goals. Most people do not understand ISIS’ meaning. ISIS is an abbreviation for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria".(Lobe) ISIS refers to themselves as IS which means Islamic State. The reason for IS is the fact that their power is now going farther than just Iraq and Syria, ISIS is power can been seen in Afghanistan. ISIS is the new big terrorist group. …show more content…
February Third of two thousand fourteen Al Qaeda renounces ties to ISIS after months of fighting between the two terrorist groups.(CNN Wire) Now for a quick look at ISIS what their goal is and how they got power. The terrorist group ISIS main goal is to unite iraq, syria and many other islamic nations to form a Islamic stated which is called a caliphate.( CNN Wire) The goal is understandable however, the means in which they are trying to reach their goal is cruel and should not be overlooked/forgiven. When one hears ISIS what do most people think? Isis is known for massacring dozens innocent people at a time with means of public execution crucifixions and other horrid acts against humanity. Is most likely their answer. ISIS is no stranger to using social media to support their ideas whether it 's politic or religious fundamentalism.(CNN Wire) ISIS is known for using social media to say the least. It is believed that ISIS used playstation network to communicate for the attack on Paris. "Amnesty International has found that the IS has systematically targeted non-Arab and non-Sunni Muslim communities, killing or abducting hundreds, possibly thousands, and forcing more than 830,000

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