Climate Change In Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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Climate change...everyone is talking about it, so many question have to be answer to this very controversial topic. Why is this important now? Why do people care? Blaming other country? What can people do to stop climate change? Alought these these are all very good question, all of us have to start take this situation serious. Why? Because we only have one earth to love and we all live in it, I believe that if all of us get together we can change. By comparing the beginning of topic climate change in the 1900 and now where the world can see the long term effects of ignoring climate change, and showing what would happen if human keep ignoring the issue. How one book can save the US from company poisoning the street, and compare a book spread the word and concern of climate change. …show more content…
She is one of the first people who introduced this controversial topic about our planet. Publish in 1962, “Silent Spring”has became one of the best seller books on the New York Times list. In the book, Carson 's main argument is that pesticides (she like to calls them “biocides”) have detrimental effects on the environment. She said that Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane is harmful to bird populations and can be harmful to humans or even small to large animals. DDT is a chemical pesticide that is used for killing disease-carrying and crop-eating insects. (Pesticide action

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