The Use Of Pesticides In Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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Pesticides can do many things that make human’s lives easier. They can kill unwanted bugs, which are called insecticides, they can kill unwanted plants, which are called herbicides, and they can kill fungi, which are called fungicides. There are many more pesticides out there as well, each with a different job. These pesticides are meant to help make human lives better, but do these pesticides really make our lives better? In Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson, pesticides are examined and shown how pesticides cause environmental issues far worse, than the pests humans are trying to kill. This book has taught me a lot about how dangerous pesticides can be if you used in excess, or used inappropriately, I believe this book also informed …show more content…
However, I do not believe that this book has the effect it had back in the 60’s or 70’s, today. When this book was first published, they did not have the technology that we have today, meaning that people read more in the 60’s. This allowed people to actually sit down and read what Carson wrote. Compare to today, where people are surrounded by technology. People do not read as much if any as they did 60 years ago, because they do not have the patience or attention span to sit down and read. Another reason this grabbed the attention of the public back in the sixties was due to this issue being addressed for the first time. Due Carson’s book DDT as well as other pesticides were banned, from the community becoming aware of how dangerous these pesticides were. However, in today’s world this issue was address over 50 years ago, meaning people have been aware of this issue for decades now, and either are tired of hearing it or do not care anymore. People, in today’s world are surrounded by the media. They see everything that happens throughout the day including issues that deal with the environment, but people overlook these stories today. They overlook these news stories, because they are never ending. This is causing people to not care, due to practically being immune to the what is happening to the world, from seeing it every day from the media. It has become the norm of today’s world. When Silent Spring was first published I do believe that this book opened the environmental issue caused by pesticides. However, in today’s world I believe that people no longer care, due to the media constantly showing the bad that is happening throughout the

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