Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

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Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is an environmental science handbook whose concern is the environment and life on earth. The author uses her book to turn in to the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment. Rachel mainly handles DDT and pesticides administered to American environment through aerial spraying in attempts to control insect populations over large areas. This paper seeks to summarize Carson’s Silent Spring and capture its informative nature in a global perspective. The essay will also indicate the book's relevance to the chemical industry.
The first chapters of Silent Spring revolve around the introduction of a plethora of chemicals many of which are pesticides in the current society. The book points out those new pesticides
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Rachel Carson helps gather expert opinions on the dangers of the use of pesticides which is prevalent in the modern day American society. Rachel Carson argues that experts focus on the effectiveness of pesticides in killing insects rather than its effects on the environment. Rachel’s work acts as an eye-opener to the world since the book portrays the use of pesticides as vicious. The book is in also informative since it points out the impacts of the rampant and dangerous practice. Rachel uses an interconnected system to bring forth her argument on conservation. She argues that man’s new power to change the environment should be carried out cautiously to avoid obliteration of the very systems that support human …show more content…
Silver Spring is credited as a very influential piece on environmental science (Waddell, 2000). The book is relevant to the chemical industry owing to its informative nature on chemical manufacturing, use, testing, and disposal. The chemical industry should access the solutions and consider the problems of chemical use (Van Emden, 1996). Scientists and chemical manufacturers should take advice from Silent Spring. For instance, during chemical testing of substances from the water, they should also test the water from various compounds that result from the combination of different chemicals, hence the provision of safe water to humans, animals, and plants. Manufacturers should also learn from Carson and concentrate on manufacturing pesticides from natural substances. The industry should also borrow a leaf from silent springs and make more herbicides since they pose little or no effects to

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