Book Report On The Book Eaarth

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CSUS 200 Book Review on the Book Eaarth If you have not recognized the huge problem that is global warming, then you should read the book Eaarth. This award winning book, released in 2010, is by Bill Mckibben, a passionate environmentalist author who has released several other books about similar topics. In this informative and analytical book Mckibben discusses the tragedy and scary reality that global warming is becoming to the point that the planet is not the same and can never return back. The planet is no longer Earth, it is a new place, Eaarth. I believe that this is a well written book that shows promise of presenting a plan for saving and preserving the planet we live on, through practical alternatives to the way we currently live.
The book begins with the Preface, explaining Mckibben’s background, credibility, and main concerns with the effects of climate change. Mckibben then addresses the main thesis of the book, “increased engagement” (Mckibben xv) in trying to preserve it the best we can.
In the first chapter, A New World, Mckibben begins by stating that he believes that climate change is the main reason for the alterations of our planet. Some of the biggest concerns that Mckibben recognizes is the melting of ice, unusual hurricanes, and alterations in animal sizes due to the increase of temperatures.
In his second chapter, High Tide, Mckibben explains that Eaarth cannot handle our current economic growth. The debt that our country alone deals with

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