Ulrich Beck's Views On Climate Change And Global Warming

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Ulrich Beck is a German sociologist and professor (until 2009) at Ludwig-Maximilian 's University in Munich Germany. Now Beck teaches at Munich University and the London School of Economics. He was born in Stolp, Germany in 1944. At Munich University where Beck studied many different majors he eventually attained a Dr. of Philosophy and then worked at the university as a sociologist. He was elected to the Convention and Executive Board of the German Society for Sociology, and he received many international awards and honors, and his works are being translated into about 35 different languages. (Wikipedia) Since 2013 he has been the Principle Investigator of the ERC sponsored Cosmo-Climate Research Project (Methodological Cosmopolitanism: In …show more content…
His book World Risk Society (climate change, terrorism, financial crisis) summarizes many of his cumulated efforts and ideas. This paper examines his thoughts about Climate Change and Global Warming, which he considers a prime concern and result of these trends and forces.

Professor Ulrich Beck 's book "Risk Society" focuses on modernization and the risks of climate change. The objective of the book is to spread awareness about the climate crisis, which he believes is already beginning to have a drastic effect on society. One of his early ideas from risk society was first published in the mid 1980s at the end of the first wave of the environmental movement. This was after the first big "flood" of environmental legislation in most of the Western industrial economies (Matten,377).

Beck believes that climate change is an overlooked crisis in today 's society and that there is already undeniable scientific evidence that climate change is happening right now. Global warming and climate change are global factors that affect all people and products in our environment. Society must except that these are real threats and learn how to protect one another and our planet from these issues. The first step is for people and nation states to accept that the threat is real, is ongoing and to then together we must take
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The Earth is continuing to warm at extreme rates much faster than scientists have projected. Rising global temperatures have been are producing changes in weather and climate. Many places have seen fluctuations in rainwater, resulting in more floods and droughts, as well as more frequent and severe heat waves. Ice caps continue to melt at unprecedented rates, sea levels are continuing to rise and the ocean is becoming more acidic. Human activities are largely responsible for the sudden and recent change in Earths climate. Greenhouse gases cover the Earths atmosphere and trap in solar energy causing the planet to warm. Together the people of the world can make a difference and help to save our planet. (EPA)
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